Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

We hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!
We are working dilligently to bring new products to BB Butts Diapers!
First up....fitted diapers! Both turned and serged varieties. Stocking on Jan 5th at both Hyena Carts!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding down a year!!

Well if it was along time between my last posts, this time it has been nearly a lifetime!!

First...Merry Christmas to all of you!! We have had a wonderful holiday together, and all are feeling the turkey triptophan ;)

Lots of things are going on with BB Butts currently. I am finally propagating the main site with LOTS of products! I believe that I added close to 80 items today and still have diapers and kitchen cloth to enter!! Watch for new items being added over the next week. The shipping module is set up so ordering is really streamlined from my point. If you want local pick up, I am attempting to work in that option and in the mean time, I will refund any shipping charges when you pick up. Please just add a note with your order so we can arrange a suitable time.

We are excited to be a sponsor of this year's New Year Baby for Vanderhoof. We will have ads showcased in two editions of the Omineca Express, this Wed and the Wed after the baby is born.

At Hyena cart we are also freshening up. Currently there are Boxing Day sales at both the BB Butts Diapers and Hidden Element Hyena Carts. Lots of $HC deals. On the 31st all 2009 products will be removed.

January 1 2010 sees several new updates to BB Butts Diapers across the board. We have new labels that will be used on all our products now. The Wipes Bits have new, more convenient packaging that also better reflects our 'branding". New products coming to the line up are Fitted and prefold diapers. The first New Year stocking will be Tuesday Jan 4th.

I am in the planning stages of two collabs. One will be with Margaret of Seun Designs where we will be working on diaper and cover combinations. The other will be with Ginny of Who? and Marlene of Country Soaps where we will do a mama set of goodies.

For now I am going to run. It is nearing 1 am and I have worked many hours today.

Continue to enjoy your holidays. All the best to your family from ours for 2010!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October is almost here!

Goodness!! Where has the time gone????

September was a steady but busy month. We have been getting ready for the Today's Woman Trade Show in Prince George on October 2 and 3 at the Civic Center. If you are in town, please drop by!

The weather has changed and I am finding it easier to be inside these days sewing. The yard clean up still needs to be done but the snow will fly soon I am sure.

The past couple of weeks has seen me make 87 AIO diapers as well as many accessories. It has been with the assisatance of my mom doing cutting for me that I have been able to do this. I am amazed LOL. I feel prepared for the trade show, just printing off pamphlets tonight.

I am all caught up, save two diapers which I just might do prior to going to the show, if not the right after.

If you are considering an order, now is the time to get it in prior to the trade show orders. As always, orders are accepted in a first paid first done fashion.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer is over!

Labour day typically signals that summer is over in these parts. It is a fair day today, but breezy...a great laundry day but I have not done any today lol...missed opportunities ;) My first year up here it snowed the first day of school! We will not be facing that this year but winter will arrive soon all the same!

We have had a busy couple of weeks. We went forward with work on the basement and it has all been re framed, insulated and now I have just added the last coat of mud on the drywall today. My hubby is staining lumber to make my wall to wall shelving unit for fabric.

I have picked a sunny yellow for the walls to brighten it up and help negate the six months of winter we are headed for. It should be cheery, and with a play zone for the kids also being worked into this area I think it will be good in the end. I just know I did not want a blue or green as they are cool and all I see out those windows for six months of the year is snow and ice.

I am currently all caught up and what a nice feeling that is! I have a couple of small orders to tend to this week that have come in over the wknd and then it is on to another stocking for both Hidden Element and BB Butts.

I recently made a difficult decision about my other congo dotCA. I have left that congo in order to focus on other areas of my business. I made some wonderful friends through my association there and am grateful for that. I needed the time and effort to stock BB Butts which I found was being neglected.

So back to school!! Two more days....the first day of school is a Pro-D day! Can you believe that?? Oh well, one teenager full of angst will be out of here for the bulk of the day which should lead to more peaceful hours ;) I am still looking at options for the girl for her last year prior to Kindergarten. Dh may also look for a library group for the littlest.

Hope that everyone is enjoying these last couple of days of summer!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Week!

And a successful one too!

I did end up having my surgical procedures last week on Thur and Fri. Things went extremely well and I will have minimal in terms of recovery.

I came home to a walking boy! This is the first child that I was not present for a major milestone...a little heart breaking but I can take comfort in knowing the first few steps were to me a couple of weeks ago on my birthday. Look out world...this little man is going to be a bruiser, and at nearly 19 mos he has the strength to do so much more than the average just walking tot.

I got to visit some very special ladies. I was able to pop into the Mat and LDR wards of Royal Columbian. I spent 4 months in these ladies care and it is due to their credit and care that my little newly walking man is here. Great to see Michaela, Katie, Andrea, Judith, Elaine, Val, Elizabeth and so many others.

I was invited to a party they were holding for Katie who is getting married and moving(CONGRATS!) but I was in a bit of a phentnyl fog at the time. I would have LOVED to see everyone! It was neat to see the recognition cross some of their faces as they realized it was me ;) I am glad everyone seems to be doing well and so glad that Andrea and family got good news...I am always thinking of you and Rob ((hugs))

SO....this week I will be slowly getting back at it. I have lots of clean up to do from rennos. The furnace and new water system were installed while I was away so I need to cleanup and put everything back in order post that. DH works this week, and is off the following week when we will get the basement rennos into high gear. I will be EXTREMELY glad when I have the basement done and the kids stuff can go down there as well as my sewing area!

In terms of diapers... I am doing a light stocking at Hidden Element Tuesday. The first of Sept sees a "garage sale" of sorts at dotCA. As I have time I will be restocking BB Butts on Hyena Cart as well as stocking the main site. It is a matter of getting enough undisturbed time to sit at the computer and make all the listings up and co ordinate pictures. It would be SO GREAT to have a magic wand that auto stocks all items I have in stock! (8)'re nothing but a dreamer...(8)...that is me LOL

SO.....on that note, I should go and make some more listings ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Catching up!

Ahhh......ALL customs orders are caught up with the exception of one outstanding trade that has not yet been defined! I am over the moon! It has been a couple of months of long hours to get to this place but I would not trade it either! Thank you everyone foe the business!

We have had company since the 30th of July. My mom's new house three door down is slowly shaping up and I suspect they will be with us the remainder of this week. Dh had hollidays this past week and spent them all doing projects, a few for me and many for the folks!

The playset is completed as of today! The inagural slide was a hit! Izzy loves it, we need to get a different baby seat for Ben though. Next will be new fencing .

This week is another busy week around here. We have a hospital visit and duct cleaning Monday, Tue/Wed is a new furnace and HW. The rest of the week is yet to be seen but I may have to also throw in a flight to Vancouver and surgery this week as well. It is tenatively scheduled for the 27th but that is too late and should have been done by tomorrow.

As a result of the surgery, I am closing to custom orders. I expect 4 weeks healing time will be needed as one, possibly both sides of my upper chest will have operative sites. If I can start up earlier again, I will.

Now that I am caught up, I have been able to do something that I have been waiting for months for....fitteds! I made Ben some this weekend that turned out faily well. I am pleased and with a little more tweeking I hope to offer them on my carts this fall. Lots of fabulous fabrics are arriving to start the fitted line including camo ooga booga!

So, for today that is all. I will update again before I go for surgery.

If you have come here from, please take the time to check out my other retail sites for more listed products at ; , stocking the first of the month; stocking the first and third Tuesdays.

While off I plan to get listings in order for all of the sites and perhaps have a SALE !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it is my b day today!

The kids and hubby did some tidying up for me, DH gave me a nasty cold and kids made me a frozen cheesecake. Ben took 4 steps to me. YAY to Ben...he has a ways to go yet but in the past few days he has finally been letting go of things and standing for a few secs. He will be 18 months in a few days. HE made my day!

I am finishing up AA order tonight. Got a few more orders in the works. I also have to do some sewing for dotCA and the next Hidden Element stocking. Finally I feel like some of the pressure that was created from the trade show is lifting. I have sewn SO MANY diapers in the past couple of months, it has far exceeded my initial expectations of this little hobby venture.

The windows went in slick. It is all done now, save for a window that for some reason did not arrive. It is a basement window so not too much of a biggie.

Man is it HOT! It has been in the mid to upper 30s all week and looks like another week yet of the same. Not pleasant weather for a cold :(

A sad update as well. The three orphaned kittens we found all expired late last week. It was so sad, they went from doing good to the end in a matter of 24 hours. We got one to the vet and he was amazed that we kept them going for three weeks. He said kittens that small usually die in a couple of days after being taken from the mama. I am angry at the unidentified @)($&@* that dumped them at the edge of the river to be eaten by the eagles a few day old babies! There were some sad faces and many tears around here.

Enjoy the summer sun all.

Custom list update in next post.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Construction Zone

Where does the time go????? Here it is past the middle of July already!!

My windows showed up and are being installed over the next three days which means that the house is turned upside down. I was wanting to finish the last 2 of the CB order last night, but it did not happen...SORRY C! I am going to do it tonight once I get cleaned up from today's construction and get Ben down for the night. I do not even have my bed to sleep in so I might as well sew ;)

Thursday is also going to be a write off. I am having an issue with my port so have to go and get a CT Angiogram of the ticker. Izzy also has to be casted that day for new orthotics. They now have to give her braces that will go right up her leg...she is not going to be really happy about any of the process. Try and rationalize with a four year old! Maybe I can get hem to build themin all pink?? Anyhow, the whole day will be in Prince George for medical appts now.

So from memory.... stages
CT awaiting payment
EF awaiting details
JA ~ priority slot as soon as she (and the website) are ready.

Well best get gone and doing more work (and dinner). I also have to pull a little magic and stock for Hidden Elelment tonight. If you get a chance, please drop by to see all my great congo mates at

Oh, and the playground is STILL under is that thing BIG!! Pics to come once completed!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Costco Shop

Well we did it...and how!!

Yesterday dh and I headed off for the closest thing to a date, a trip to Prince George without kids!! We had two things on the agenda...have the Sirius installed and get to Costco to get needed staples.

Danny dropped me off then headed to get the truck dropped off prior to joining me at Costco. By time he did, I needed a second cart. Scary!!
We only did the food side and the back end of meat and bakery. Then we see it....the huge play yard. Always look at would be any kids dream but we have never even considered it. Then Danny sees what tips the scales in the kids is $500 off! Yikes!
He keeps saying how Izzy will "freak" and there is a swing for Ben even. After a surprise at the till with the groceries being a few hundred less than we figured, he went back and got the set.
As you can see from the pic it is an elaborate structure. We managed to get it in the truck as well as all of the groceries. Thankfully Danny got a canopy for the truck the night before. The gate was open, but the canopy would close so all off the goods fit and made it home safely.
So right now, I am trying to keep Izzy in the house. Not such an easy task...she is SOOO full of anticipation. Danny and Alex are working on building this set. Those of you who know Danny, know this is going to be quite a feat!! He is not a "handy" guy if you kwim?
I give my husband credit...he will step well out of his comfort zone in order to please his children. Just keep those children away so they do not hear the "coping mechanism" of sawmill talk while it is being done!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The current Customs list. Please remmeber that those who have their details set and payments made are served first. An email goes out to each customer a few days prior to their slot becomming available. I do move on to the next order if I have open time. You do not lose your place and will be next providing details are set and payment is made by that time.

GH ~ ORDER COMPLETE awaiting shipping
CB ~ Wet bags start Monday
JA ~ awaiting details (web design trade)
CT ~ awaiting details
JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes) ?customer delayed?
Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)
EF ~ AIO order awaiting details
AA ~ 6 custom AIO

I am enjoying the weekend off, it just turned out that way with awaiting details of orders (thanks!! :) ) Tomorrow I am headed to PG for a day of much needed shopping. It is the costco shop...oh how my dh hreads those lol.

Enjoy the great summer weather everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fell off the blogging wagon...

Or so it seems after over a week of not posting! It has been busy times since my last post to be sure!

Friday the kids found a little of kittens and came trotting home with them. To be fair, I must say that I did atleast get a call on the cell prior to their arrival. The little babes, two of which did not even have their eyes open. We are guessing they were 5 to 7 days old. They still had umbilical stumps, the eyes and were approx 6 ounces each...can you say TINY! I am charging the camera so I can download some pics.

These little beings are so incredibly needy....feeding (by dropper) every couple of hours. There are three of them, and at first it was a long process, now after a few days of learing on both sides of the rubbermaid box, we can do a feeding in about 15 mins. We even have to help them go potty. Right now we are attempting to teach feeding from a is not going so well and making quite a mess!

These little beings seriously cut down my sewing time, I'm a tired mama. Remember those newborn days of walking around in a fog? I thought I was over that but revisited it this week and I must say, I really did not miss it LOL.

We had company arrive on Monday which meant all sewing came to a halt and the sewing room had to be dismantled. My folks were back to do a few more details with their house purchase. Next time they come, they will have a house, but they will not be able to live in it quite yet (long story for another post).

So, they sewing you are wondering. I have completed the GH order today. I did get a few items completed for the Hidden Element stocking...have a visit I have a REALLY cute fabric I used .

I have a couple other items to "tidy up" tonight and will be making some customer contacts for order details and payments. I should have an updated customs list tomorrow (hopefully).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here is a pic of my little diva.

Another one down!! The WC order is complete and awaiting pick up.

I am moving ahead to the GH order as it is paid and sorted out. I hope to have this done by the end of the weekend. The accessories will be complete tomorrow along with all of the dyeing. Over the wknd the dipes will be completed. Well, that is my grand plan at any rate, we will see what curve balls life tries to thow ;)

I also have a few items to make for Hidden Elements grand opening (July 7th)

I stocked at dotCA today. Have a look http://www.hyenacart.dotca/ Several $HC, and FFS offerings to enter.

I will be taking a good part of next week off as I will have company and they will be staying in my sewing room (after I move about 40 bolts of fabric off the bed LOL).


JA ~ working details

GH ~ dyeing bamboo for dipes and doing accessories (several dipes and accessories)

CT ~ 3 custom AIO

JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes)

Stocking slot for dotCA, BB Butts, and Hidden Element

CB ~ Wet Bags

Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)

EF ~ AIO order awaiting details

AA ~ 6 custom AIO

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back Online

What did we ever do prior to our computers? I hardly remember but I was certainly lost without mine the past couple of days!! I am getting all caught up on orders and emails and then back at sewing!

A big shout out to Dean of Central Computer and Design who got me back up and running and even worked on it on a day off!! While I hope I will never again need his services, I am sure I will and I will return! Great service and prices!

WC ~ sewing labels
JA ~ working details
GH ~ details set (several dipes and accessories)
CT ~ 3 custom AIO
JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes)
Stocking slot for dotCA, BB Butts, and Hidden Element
CB ~ Wet Bags
Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)
EF ~ AIO order awaiting details
AA ~ 6 custom AIO

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pictured : Some of the MI order....
Current list....

MI ~ complete,awaiting pick up

WC ~ cutting (20 dipes + acc)~spoke to today

JA ~ working details

GH ~ details set, in wings (several dipes and accessories)

CT ~ 3 custom AIO

JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes)

Stocking slot for dotCA, BB Butts, and Hidden Element

CB ~ Wet Bags

Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)

EF ~ AIO order awaiting details

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ahhhhhh...celebrate with me!! The MI order of 40 dipes is done!! YIPEEE!!!

This order was the largest I had to date and it was seemed to take forever to do a single step....combined with waiting for fabrics and a trip to Vancouver for a week for medical stuff I was getting antsy.........but the satisfaction of seeing all of those dipes complete is SWWEEEEEETTT!

I had a hug in the mail today from my friend Selina (ya you who follows LOL) and I celebrated my order completion with a cup of Healing Pixie Chai that she sent me...YUMMMMMM! Thank you made my day!!

Tomorrow I am taking a day off from sewing...sorry but my house REALLY needs it and if I do not take care of it, the job of cleaning it will become more than daunting!

I have at least two sets of company showing up in the next couple of weeks ( all parents of ours) and my mom will be using my place as a base of sorts until her new house a few doors down is renno'd. We are also doing some pretty extensive rennos this summer so I need everything in order to be able to cope with all of the impending chaos!

Thursday is back to sewing and it is my hope to have the next order done by the end of the weekend (20 dipes and accessories). I need to get as much cleared out as possible before company arrives as the sewing room is my guest room. My dh is still working on renno'ing the basement for me to move the sewing downstairs and let me tell ya, I cannot wait!

When I get to the slot for Ben, I will be working on my fitted pattern. I have several YUMMY fabrics on their way to me, some more knits, and cotton velour. That reminds me, I need to photo all of those and get them up on my fabric galleries!!

Ohh...also some purple and camo oogas are on the books and some of it will be on poly and laminated!

So, that is the update for now. Wish me luck cleaning....if you do not hear from me in a couple days please send the search party out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Current list....

MI ~ sewing soakers, additional fabric arrived (40 dipes)
WC ~ cutting (20 dipes + acc)
JA ~ working details
GH ~ details set, in wings (several dipes and accessories)

CT ~ 3 custom AIO
JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes)
Stocking slot for dotCA, BB Butts, and Hidden Element

CB ~ Wet Bags
Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)

Home Sweet Home!

Ahh...home...what a wonderful place to be!!

Ben's appointments went very well and we do not return to Children's for his eyes for two years when he will likely have some surgery.

A week away from the business was tough! I am back at it tonight, after spending the day at hospital for medical stuff for me, catching up on emails and some web based work and am also planning a late night/early morning to get some more cutting and sewing done.

All of the small orders were cleared up prior to my leaving. Now onto the large orders of small dipes. Sewing in 60 soakers tonight.

AT received her fabric today.

Continuing working on fabrics Galleries on main site. Need oldest son to bring the camera home so I can photograph the remianing fabrics (dyed bamboo and solid flannels). Canada Post web site is not my friend! I have been trying for two weeks to finalize the shipping module but it seems to always have an error or be down for maintenance when I have time to get to it. I will call them tomorrow...they work on EST and I am on PST...go figure!

I was invited into a new congo! Hidden Element will open on July 7th. I look forward to working and getting to know another group of artisans. I will post links closer to the grand opening!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making Progress!

Well a couple of orders are out of the way now!

MG and ZD complete and delivered! CB to be shipped Monday.

MI cutting and remaining fabric arrived.

Did you know for each diaper there are five pieces of fabric as well as five pieces of velcro in each unit? There are many steps to each diaper and thread changes as well which make these a time consuming item to produce. All fabrics need to be cut, the soaker layer sewn in, the labels (2) affixed, the velcro pieces all affixed, layers stacked, pinned, sewn, trimmed and clipped, elastic sewn in, turned and top stiched....ah done a diaper!

Glorious weekend, wish I was getting outside some. Finishing up some other little projects in the sewing room and packing over the next couple of days for the flights.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well it has certainly been eventful of late! I ended up having a few down days with the business as I had my folks show up again just days after my mom went back home.

It was a very busy visit as they ended up purchasing a home a few doors down from me. WOW was ALOT ever squeezed into three days LOL....they will be back up in Aug to renno their new home.

So the list looks much the same I am afraid....well with the exception of having more added to it that is!

MG~ in progress (20 dipes)
ZD ~ in progress (5 dipes + acc)
MI ~ cutting and awaiting fabric (40 dipes)
WC ~ in wings (20 dipes + acc)
CB ~ awaiting fabric (wb)
AT ~ awaiting fabric (fabric)
JA ~ working details
GH ~ working details

I was also called by Children's on Friday and have to fly down with Ben next Wed. I am going to try to get the MG and ZD order and any quickies I can out of the way prior to leaving. I will be gone just shy a week as it stands unless they decide to do surgery on him on that trip.

So, as you can see, I have LOTS of sewing to get on! The weather is glorious and I planted my deck barrels finally today. Have still not gotten to the yard work however! Also need to do more on the website....all in time, just when to get it ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a beautiful morning!! The sun is shining and it looks like spring has finally arrived, trees are springing leaves and the Mayday trees are starting to bloom :)

Today is a sewing day after I tend to some medical stuf f in the morning. I will attempt to get the MG order all cut (order was increased) and sewn as much as possible.

All fabrics have been ordered that are needed in the short term to complete these orders which are in the wings.

Oh, there is a waking little quiet part of the morning is over LOL....Ben has been so much fun the past few days! HE is growing like a weed suddenly and getting more bold and bruiser like. I suspect he will be walking in about a month finally, he seems to be changing from baby to toddler right now before my eyes and it is very bittersweet to see him progressing but as my last baby it is also sad.

Have a wonderful sunny day all!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trade Show Results

Wow!!!! What a wonderful weekend I had!!

I had the pleasure of my mom's company over most of the past week and also participated in my first trade show.

It was a resounding success for BB Butts Diapers!! There were many new contacts made, sales were healthy from the instock and the custom orders were quite plentiful!! I have plenty to keep me busy over the next weeks now :) I am VERY glad that I took the plunge and did the show and the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce did a bang up job!!

The winner of the Kitchen Gift Pack was DEB BRIGGS. She has been contacted to pick up her prize...Congrats Deb!

So now it is time to keep a list of customs for all to be able to check in on their orders Look for your initials for your order status....

MR ~ Completed will contact tonight
MG ~ In progress, all cut, one complete
M&M I~ In progress, some cut
MC/ LW/ LC~ In wings

We have continued to work on the website today and over the next couple of days hope to have it fully functional. We had to turn off some of the pages as I was unable to meet my end of the deal...needed more hours in the day, days in the week, less time at the hospital and 10 more sets of hands to get ready for the trade show LOL

Keep watching!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long weekend? What long weekend LOL...well actually it was a long weekend!

Been feeling a little cruddy again this week, and ended up in hospital Sunday but did get out very late last night. Back on high dose steroids, just as I was only a week away from being rid of them so I am not a happy camper but I DO enjoy breathing so it is a trade off. I have not slept since 630 am Sunday morning. Joy but I did get serger ends tied off on over 1oo wipes!

I am still busily getting ready for the trade show this coming weekend and the illness setback is not helping! The web design is coming along as well but I am feeling overwhelmed and will not have it (well my portions of what the designer needs from me) 100% complete prior to the show but am hoping that we can switch over to it and complete in the days following the trade show. Only so much of me to go round ;)

Tomorrow is a day in hospital (scheduled) that will hopefully put me into a batter space illness wise in a couple of days. Another write off day.

My mom is coming up on Wed. She has not been here in just over a year and is coming to help out with the trade show. I need to clean up my house at some point before she arrives Wed morn too (she needs SOMEWHERE to sleep since the guestroom is FULL of fabric and projects) will be good to see her and have her support though. I am really nervous about this, I do not know why, I guess I just do not know how to prepare and I am disappointed that I am not taking some items I had hoped to debut there. (That only so much of me to go round thing again).

OK, I guess I should go do some snapping for a bit. I have an order to get out tomorrow. I hope that I get some sleep tonight as well...I could really use some sleep!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well I have been crazy busy and will continue to be so for the next week or so.

I am getting ready for the Vanderhoof Trade Show on March 22/23 at the Vanderhoof Arena and at the same time having the main website get an HUGE overhaul! I am feeling overloaded and I know I am likely holding up the designer some but I only have so many hours in the day and I FEEL like I need another 10!!!

Today is sewing whatever minutes I can during naps and moments of calm, I have about 6 dozen kitchen cloth and napkins to do and also have to make up some items for an auction. I also need to work on some diapers and a whole lot more, the list is longer than my arm LOL.

I will be so glad when this show is over! It is my first "big even" and I really have no idea of what to expect for it and as a result I am fretting. I am trying to have all of my products available and also an assortment of them in different fabrics or scents. The unknown really is the biggest fear isn't it??

If I do "overprepare" I will have plent of stock to list on the new site and in my Hyena carts so all will not be lost. If I sell out...welll YIPEEE.....and I will then be a busy gal for weeks to come doing customs, two of which I already have lined up for the week following.

Got to run, crying little one...more to come later!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a few days!

Well it has been eventful the past few days! Over the weekend we had such plans for Sunday. Got up, made the coffee and out goes the power...thankfully we had coffee! We did not have power for the next six hours however so work on insulating the basement halted (no light) and my sewing spree was also halted. I did reorganize the sewing room however and I can finally see most of my fabrics.....YAY!

I am 100% caught up with orders to date. I am now onto working towards having enough stock for the Vanderhoof Trade Show on the 22 and 23rd. I have a custom order in the wings for right after the trade show of 24 dipes as well as another for a few I suspect from another repeat customer.

Last night I had a very worrisome evening. While watching the news I hear a notation of a fire near the town I grew up in and on the highway we lived on. Of course, kids being kids, they get all loud just as they say WHERE and I miss it!

My parents still have the home I grew up in there but my brother is living in it with his wife currently while the folks help out my step mom's mom in her advancing years at her home. I called my dad to see if he has heard anything and Grandma says they are not there so I ask where and she says they are headed to the house. I ask if it is in regards to the fire and she replies yes but has no idea what is going on.

I call my brother...our relationship has been strained to say the least but this is serious and I call. He answered and it sounded like a war zone, I can hear helicopters and the line is cracking! The fire is right at the house and it was not looking good then at all! There are three helicopters there bucketing the lake trying to keep the fire at bay and the winds are high.

I check in a couple hours later and things seem to have died down a little. Dad and mom have just arrived, and the helicopters had just pulled out as it is getting dark. The mountains on both sides of the house are burning. Our home is safe for the time being.

I really hope that the winds have stayed calm overnight, it is still too early to call for an update, they may have had a very LONG night and I do not want to wake anyone if they are catching a little sleep. I will check in later this morning.

Izzy got up at 6am puking her little face off so our day schedule has changed. No school for her today which will actually make the day go easier in many respects. Hopefully she sleeps lots and will fight this bug off.

I dyed some bamboo last night, so I am hoping to play with it today. I also have to work up a couple of patterns for fitted and flat diapers today. I will update on the fire when I know more later on!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday ..the day before stock goes live

So today is Thursday....kind of a non day on the week callender isn't it? Not the beginning of the week, not hump day, not the weeked.

For miss Izzy it is a big day as it is Circle Time. She loves going to "school" for a couple of hours every Tue and Thur. It is the time that I get a bunch done while Ben is having his morning nap or take a little down time and actually get to chill for a bit.

Today, I needed "OUT". I think after being sick with pneumonia for the past few months and all of the stress of a number of other items I have been feeling like a caged animal. With hubby's support I took off minutes after he walked in the door from work this am...SANS KIDS!!!

I headed to Prince George. A delightful sunny morning, and finally winter roads are gone! It was so nice even if I was in the tank (aka truck). I headed to a few places to get some stuff for the business and was done and headed home by noon. All the same the time out was refreshing but I came home tired though. Still some effects from being ill. I am dressed in clothes that I am not embarassed to be seen in, my hair is done and I even have a little eye makeup on. WOW...when was the last time all of that coincided????

The other thing that this Thursday is notable for is that it is the day before listings for new stock go live. So what does that mean? Well I have a few online sites that I sell my diapers etc. Two of them are located through a site called Hyena Cart.

What is THAT? Essentially it is an online mall of eco and environmentally aware shops run by work at home moms (WAHMs) and a few dads too!

My two stores there are BB Butts Diapers and I am also a member of a "congo" called dotCA. A congo is a grouping of shops, often with a common theme in one storefront. dotCA is a Canadian play on .com and we are all Canadian artisans. What a wonderful group of ladies I am associated with. We have all been supporting one another and it is really feeling like we are fast becomming friends. I would LOVE to spend a weekend with these gals in a cabin having "girl time". Perhaps one day, we are spread all over the country.

So stocking, and stalking are both prevalent in Hyena Cart. Stocking is what we the vendors do..put stuff in our stores and preview the items before making them available to actually purchase. Stalking is what the shoppers (aka "Hyenas", a la Hyena Cart) do. They all see the items before they are actually available and drool ready to pounce to grab it before anyone else does! It is fun to watch how many people are in your shop and to actually get sales is still a real rush!

So today, Thursday, my shops are stocked and hopefully the Hyenas are stalking!

Drop by and

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My first blog post!!

Now, first off...please be kind!! LOL

This is my first blog post! I figured everyone else is doing it, so I might as well and will also use this to update how life is going, how orders are coming along etc. I will learn to make it pretty, and perhaps add buttons and followers and the like...someone educate me please!! I looked at twitter...but um..NOT me LOL!

I am Michelle, wife to Dan, mom to Alex, Izzy and Ben. I live in a quiet town in Northern BC. I enjoy sewing and crafts which led me to begin a small hobby business called BB Butts Diapers. I make cloth diapers and accessories as well as cloth items for the home. These are not the cloth flats that we were diapered in! These are trim and easy, much the same as a paper disposable diaper. We will go more into this in another post!

Today is International Worker's Memorial Day. I lost my first husband to a devaststating workplace accident in 2001. I miss him dearly still, and just want everyone to take a minute to evaluate their own workplace practices and think about safe work place education for your children. Far too many lives are lost as well as devastating injuries occur than need be.

The quick option is NOT the safe option! Work safe, play safe and return to your family safe.

RIP Larry. We love you daily and will never forget your sacrifice in providing for our family.

Off to navigate around the template and add some content!