Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's

Good morning! It is hard to believe it is April 1st!!!

I have to ask....Did you get or, were you got?

Life was peaceful around here for an April Fool's day. I was allowed to sleep in, started my morning with a bath (uninterrupted even, so a real treat) and a coffee. The sun is shining, the river has been flowing a few days and we have a flock of swans hanging out back. Spring has surely arrived!

Now I await for the rest of the snow to go and the ground to soften and release the months of ice it contains. I want to wrangle my gardens back into shape after a few years of neglect due to several surgeries. This will be a HUGE undertaking...but I am hopeful...and also a little afraid, as I know I will have to do it all alone.

D is having his surgery (finally) in just two weeks (shoulder)! We will have gone fully around the calendar soon with this injury of his and I am thankful we are going to be on the recovery tract soon. The waiting has been very difficult for him. He NEEDS to get back to work, I know I will need to scale back for a week or so post op to meet his needs but then the ground should be workable!

For BB Butts, I am nearing being caught up again. I have two gals interested in the temporary position I have for listing items and will be interviewing them this week. I am hopeful one of them will work out and all of our items will soon be available online. The job posting is on our Facebook page if any of you would like to take a look at it and contact me.

There will be a shipment go out on Tuesday. I am working on Anna and Mel's orders over the next couple of days then all customs are caught up. On that note, I am off and running to work on some bags! watch the facebook page for those, they are going to be real beauties!