Friday, July 10, 2009

The current Customs list. Please remmeber that those who have their details set and payments made are served first. An email goes out to each customer a few days prior to their slot becomming available. I do move on to the next order if I have open time. You do not lose your place and will be next providing details are set and payment is made by that time.

GH ~ ORDER COMPLETE awaiting shipping
CB ~ Wet bags start Monday
JA ~ awaiting details (web design trade)
CT ~ awaiting details
JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes) ?customer delayed?
Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)
EF ~ AIO order awaiting details
AA ~ 6 custom AIO

I am enjoying the weekend off, it just turned out that way with awaiting details of orders (thanks!! :) ) Tomorrow I am headed to PG for a day of much needed shopping. It is the costco shop...oh how my dh hreads those lol.

Enjoy the great summer weather everyone!

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