Monday, July 20, 2009

Construction Zone

Where does the time go????? Here it is past the middle of July already!!

My windows showed up and are being installed over the next three days which means that the house is turned upside down. I was wanting to finish the last 2 of the CB order last night, but it did not happen...SORRY C! I am going to do it tonight once I get cleaned up from today's construction and get Ben down for the night. I do not even have my bed to sleep in so I might as well sew ;)

Thursday is also going to be a write off. I am having an issue with my port so have to go and get a CT Angiogram of the ticker. Izzy also has to be casted that day for new orthotics. They now have to give her braces that will go right up her leg...she is not going to be really happy about any of the process. Try and rationalize with a four year old! Maybe I can get hem to build themin all pink?? Anyhow, the whole day will be in Prince George for medical appts now.

So from memory.... stages
CT awaiting payment
EF awaiting details
JA ~ priority slot as soon as she (and the website) are ready.

Well best get gone and doing more work (and dinner). I also have to pull a little magic and stock for Hidden Elelment tonight. If you get a chance, please drop by to see all my great congo mates at

Oh, and the playground is STILL under is that thing BIG!! Pics to come once completed!

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