Thursday, August 4, 2011

Technology is not my friend!

First server issues and now a modem that is not liking the fact that summer has FINALLY arrived in these parts as of Aug 1!!

Apparently if it goes over 22 degrees celcius (70F for my American friends) the #**%&@+ modem I get from Telus stops working! This happeded two summers ago also. The call out guy said plan on a new modem every year at that time. I guess we have been exceptionally lucky to have this one last 2 years LOL

I am sending in an order for a new modem. Hopefully they send the dude out soon so he can unplug this one and put in the new one. I don't know why they just do not send it in the mail. I may be challenged at times, but really, I CAN plug in a new modem!!

All that to say, I am not ignoring emails posts and the likes. If you order and do not hear from me, it is that I have not yet gotten notification of the order. If you are concerned please call or text to 250 570 9565 and I will help you as best as I can.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner announced!!!

Congratulations to our winner of the Birthday Giveaway of a $20 GC to be used for instock or a custom slot!

Boyzrule aka Debandmike moretti is our winner!! Deb, please email me at michelle at bbbuttsdiapers dot com so we can work out a cupon code for a current listing or details for a custom slot.

Thanks to everyone for entering! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Birthday

It is mere hours away from my birthday.

This one will not be joyous for me as my heart is breaking over a family situation. I have asked for a big deal to not be made, but alas, the calender does not stop and with each year I realize I become stronger, wiser and more resilient!!

So here is to another year of strength to endure all that comes my way in challenges, the wisdom to know how to guide my family through them and the grace to do it in a way that serves us all.

So my celebration for the business is not as big as was planned due to technical challenges. I do not want to completely re neg on my posts regarding a celebration for all of my wonderful customers however!

I have really enjoyed some of my recent custom orders. Some of the items I have not offered previously and the liberation of doing something new is fabulous. So here is what I have decided to do....

Since my personal commitments are steep these days, and I am not accepting any more customs at this time, I am going to give one lucky winner a spot on my custom list with a $20 voucher to use in that slot! Estimated one month to completion of item(s) presently.

For entries:
You MUST like our Facebook page.
You MUST follow our blog.
Additional entries if you tag us on another page and leave the link in the post here


Thank you all for being part of BB Butts! This is one thing that rewards me on every level and I am very thankful for each and every one of you!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Winner is chosen!!

Thanks to those who participated in our quick referal contest!!

Dustin Dyck is the winner of our BB Blanket!! Please contact me at michelle @ bbbuttsdiapers dot com

Stick around and continue to share our site with friends. I have some great things planned closer to the end of the month to celebrate my birthday!

Regrouping after closure.

As always (it seems) this blog is sorely neglected. I see it has been four months since my last post.

The time has been busy, and full of upheaval. This weekend marks the reopening of
BB Butts Diapers! Why a re~opening you ask?

Our children have given us much to worry about and taken considerably more time and emotional drain than normal. It all started in April, when on the last day of Spring Break my eldest became ill. He was admitted to hospital and ended up having emergency surgery the next morning and spent a week in hospital. His recovery was VERY bumpy with multiple complications and abscesses. It was his graduating year. Was. He missed so much school he will need another semester in September. It was emotionally heartbreaking.

Three weeks after my son initially became ill, my daughter became very ill in the beginning of May. I was away the first couple of days at a trade show and as soon as I returned (as in 15 minutes) she too was on her way to hospital. She spent a week in the same paeds room my son did just weeks earlier. She had a bowel obstruction and a serious double lung bacterial pneumonia. She did recover after a few weeks and got some "all clear tests" in early June.

Just a few days later she was ill once again but not presenting as sick. Once again a bowel obstruction developed along with a couple of other infections. She has gone through much testing and we have emotionally dealt everything from being told she needed had a genetic anomaly and needs a bowel resection and colostomy to a diagnosis my brother died from just three short years ago.

With all of the upheaval, travel for appointments, literally not knowing what city my day would end in and having a packed ready bag with me 24/7 for go on a medical airevac with her I closed the store in June temporarily.

The good news is that things have settled with the kids. It is not all over, not by a long shot and so far my daughter has not had that major surgery. The days are more sane and as a family we are less afraid and feeling more secure.

For the very first time, I am working on loading ALL of my inventory on the
BB Butts Diapers main website. I spent the bulk of this week doing so in an attempt to reopen this weekend as I had promised. We (yes we, because for me to spend 10 to 12 hours a day on the computer, it takes hubby's help too!), have partially achieved this goal! Most of our diapers are listed. All of the accessories are listed. We still have about 40 diapers to list (mostly mediums) and a full tote of wipes to go!! Then there is the home line that I have not had listed in a LONG time, so watch for there to be re usable kitchen cloth listed soon.

We are back at our local Farmer's Market on Thursday's (weather permitting). It is really lovely to be able to see and talk to our customers face to face.

Please check out our
Facebook page to keep up to date with specials, stockings and giveaway notices. I think we are going to start to host those giveaways here on the blog so keep an eye out.
Right now there is a referral contest to try to get our fan count back up over 2000! We had over 50 leave us while we dealt with our children's illnesses.

I will tell you there will be something big before the end of the month to celebrate my birthday ;)

I want to end this update and explanation of WHY we were closed with a HUGE THANK YOU for the love and support and posts of healing thoughts and prayers that so many of you sent. There were days that those messages meant more than you will ever know! THANK YOU

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Does it end? Will it ever end? These are the questions of late February and on into March in these parts. With a few feet of snow on the ground, a current windchill of -40 and a seemingly relentless snowfall...I am not sure it will and that Spring will ever arrive, despite what the calender says

Every so often we are rewarded with an amazing sunset. This was just a couple of nights ago from INSIDE my house with the back door know the cold and snow and all kept me in ;) The river is the white expanse in the fore ground.

We are busily getting ready for the PG WAHM Tradeshow. This promises to be a great event with over 70 home based businesses represented!!

I have seven totes STUFFED full of product
to take with me!!

Because of the tradeshow, packing up the store and my travel days I will be putting BB Butts Diapers online shop and BB Butts Diapers Hyena Cart on vacation mode by Tuesday. Hidden Element was "hidden" today as tomorrow is $HC Day and I will not be listing for it. Be sure to check out the other vendors though!

This is a wonderful event and opportunity to try out items using your $HC and save any explanations tot he hubby!

We are happy to announce that we have become an official Licensee of Fishsticks Designs and will now be offering BB Boxers made from a Fishsticks Designs pattern. Cute and available in even sizes 18 months through to big kid 14!

Aren't they adorable? I have a huge assortment of solid knits on their way home so that I can play with all of the awesome prints I already have here!

Watch for some custom slots to be available in March for these!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February is here!

Time seems to be flying by faster and faster each and every year!

February is here. My little boy, the star and originator of the company name of BB Butts Diapers, "Baby Ben" turned three yesterday on the first! It was a tough week for this mom, facing the fact that my last baby is no longer a baby, he had his first hair cut (from which I have a 6 inch ringlet pony tail), and dealing with all that comes with a birthday AND sick kids.

Poor Ben is beside me now on the couch from where he has not moved in over six hours, finally sleeping, but sounding like a diesel engine running rough. Soon the other kids will be home from school, and hopefully he will sleep through their arrival, he needs it bad!

So BB Butts stuff....All items that have been paid for or won are shipped out! I have a couple of orders pending awaiting payment but they are not going to be much of an issue.

I have started something called "Sharing Sunday". I need all my WAHM friends to head to the discussion tab on our Facebook and enter their info. From time to time, I will select one of those pages and hi light them on our page! Some good old FREE advertising for those who participate ;)

Second, it is February...and we have gone BOY CRAZY! We have boy items stocked at all of our store fronts for the month of Feb!. We also have debuted some fabulous new sets by request of our customers! I apologize, I do not know why that image is rotated but I cannot seem to fix it either As you can see, we can now offer sets, BB Tee, BB Knees and a BB Butt fitted in almost all of our prints! What nice gift options these make!

We have been working hard in our bits of down time to get the
main website, all loaded up with products! All of our wet bags are now listed, as are MOST of the accessories. I promise diapers are next! I actually have most of the medium boy diaper images ready to go and just need a couple of hours of clear time to sit down and do a set. It is not something that can be easily done a listing here or a listing there..I need a good block of time to get a whlole bunch done. Last weekend I sat beside my hubby while he gamed for about four hours straight one night doing I said, it is a time consuming process! Once I am at the stage I can load, there should be a bunch all at one though!

I have one more giveaway on the Hidden Element Facebook page! When they reach 500 there is a fitted diaper up for grabs and last I looked the page was about 70ish away! Fan us and enter on the discussion tab. Almost all of the Hidden Element vendors are also participating in the BOYS! theme as well so check it all out! We have a guest this month as well which is Calliope Handspun.

Ok, for those who made it this far, a perk! Another draw, to be drawn on the 28th. This one for a custom short sleeve BB Tee. To enter, post to this thread with a comment of what you would like to see more of on BB Butts.
As always, I appreciate it when you share BB Butts with friends.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, new directions...

Welcome to 2011!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and came out of it refreshed and not exhausted as it often seems!

As you know we had a site crash on Christmas Eve. The good news is that the site is now recovered!! I am so happy!! I have slowly been adding items to the store, mainly wetbags right now, and have all non stocked areas turned off so it is not like being on a fruitless treasure hunt! It will take some time, but I will get it all stocked and going soon! I am excited that previous challenges have finally been overcome and that is going to become the primary cart for our items. If you see an issue or broken link, please email me and let me know. There are a couple of cosmetic issues to be worked out still as well.

Hidden Element ( ) has been going through many very exciting changes!! We have a brand new design that I feel is edgy, fun and funk all at the same time. We are focusing a little more on the "hidden" in we all have some hidden talents and diversity. Head to the Facebook fan page and like it for more giveaways!!
There are new vendors in January as well.... Melanie of Ewe Wear Ems joined at the beginning of the month and Janet of muggabug has returned to our congo after being gone for 6 or so months. We are also excited to add a new confectioner, Julie of Jewel of the Lion, and WOW is her stuff making me drool. I am enjoying the new diversity of items we are offering and hope that you will too!! Stocking on Saturday at 3 PM. Is it bad I will be stalking my own congo???

Back in October, November, I had a contest that asked what product the customers of BB Butts would like to see added to our line. I have listened and have begun with "BB Knees". These are available in any of our knit patterns. Just ask!! The next items I will be working on is a pattern for co ordinating hats and then little soft shoes, "BB Feet". Have a name idea for the hats? Let me know!
February is going to be a month focusing on Boys, Boys, Boys!! I love my little man, and do find it difficult to try to find cute stuff, so I am dedicating February to this. Hidden Element is also participating so there will be an awesome assortment of boy stuff.
We have been trying to pass the 1200 liker mark on Facebook for quite a time now. I do not know what Facebook is doing, but it seems everytime we make headway, they take another handful away.... we are so close to giving away a $25 GC...we CAN DO IT!! Share out!!
So let's have a little fun now!!! A giveaway...a $10 have to be a fan on Facebook and become a follower here. An extra entry if you get a new friend to like on FB and follow and they say your name in their entry post here. Your entry is your post here on the blog. This will be drawn on Jan 31st!!