Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it is my b day today!

The kids and hubby did some tidying up for me, DH gave me a nasty cold and kids made me a frozen cheesecake. Ben took 4 steps to me. YAY to Ben...he has a ways to go yet but in the past few days he has finally been letting go of things and standing for a few secs. He will be 18 months in a few days. HE made my day!

I am finishing up AA order tonight. Got a few more orders in the works. I also have to do some sewing for dotCA and the next Hidden Element stocking. Finally I feel like some of the pressure that was created from the trade show is lifting. I have sewn SO MANY diapers in the past couple of months, it has far exceeded my initial expectations of this little hobby venture.

The windows went in slick. It is all done now, save for a window that for some reason did not arrive. It is a basement window so not too much of a biggie.

Man is it HOT! It has been in the mid to upper 30s all week and looks like another week yet of the same. Not pleasant weather for a cold :(

A sad update as well. The three orphaned kittens we found all expired late last week. It was so sad, they went from doing good to the end in a matter of 24 hours. We got one to the vet and he was amazed that we kept them going for three weeks. He said kittens that small usually die in a couple of days after being taken from the mama. I am angry at the unidentified @)($&@* that dumped them at the edge of the river to be eaten by the eagles a few day old babies! There were some sad faces and many tears around here.

Enjoy the summer sun all.

Custom list update in next post.

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