Sunday, June 17, 2012

What goes on during "closed to customs"?

Around here A LOT!!!

It has been a crazy insane two I am glad that are coming to a close, I could really use another two more!

We have been renovating our home...extensively over the past several months. First the main floor and kitchen then more recently the exterior.

This was the before. Pretty fugly huh? Like three boxes all stacked on aside the next and the "high tower" down on the end, well it is high! The deck was a nightmare and with over 300kids at Halloween it gave me chills each year.
This is the same view now as it stands. The house was so high I was aiming to "bring it down to earth". The darker color and stone work on the far end all help to do that. There still has to be shakes added to the gable but hey are on back order until the end of the week.  The garage door was moved over and the new deck will also go on this week. The landscaping will have to be changed up but I am waiting for the contractors to finish it all up. What was once there is trampled and had suffered over the past couple of years as I had not kept us due to having many surgeries.
The back of the house looks much better as well. The shakes in the gable really break up things and once we get our gazebo back up I will spend lots of time on the deck gazing at the river! Yes, the deck will be re stained..the green will be replaced with the same color that the house is, I found a perfect match!

Meet Bentley! On day one of construction we brought him home as an almost 7 week old pup.  Yes, I am insane, and yes I am feeling the effects of it. I swear I have "mommy brain" again and DESPERATELY want just one second to myself.

He is a real joy however, beautiful temperament and smart as a whip! He is a golden retriever Shepherd cross and he had never seen the interior of a house when we brought him home.

Also during all of this, I have been trying (with the help of a few amazing souls) to get a new food program in place at our school. It is one that served farm fresh local foods as a priority with a protein, whole grain, 4-6 veggies and 3-4 fruits salad bar style at each lunch.

It is a major undertaking that is wholly volunteer parent driven. We have had to get permission from the school district to do it and are solely responsible for finding the funding for it as well.

I have been doing presentations and having meetings with local farmers,  business, service groups, our local and provincial politicians and anyone else that we can form a partnership with. I will be working on helping one of our amazing volunteers who is doing our grant writing and tomorrow I will, at the Mayor's request, be making a presentation to the Town Council then run across the street to the school Board to see how we fit into their budget approval.

This is the lunch we served on Thursday for our Community Engagement Luncheon.

Squeezed in was a few custom orders and some catching up after my snap press parts went missing. Let's not forget that there is also the referral contest going on. Looks like I am going to be giving away LOTS of free items in July!

As you can see, there is so much more to life than my duties as a WAHM. I am also mom, wife, an avid volunteer, puppy trainer, CEO of the house and lately, a general contractor making sure all these projects are getting done, that my vision is happening, and it is staying on time and within budget. It has certainly has been a ride the past couple of weeks, but one that will pay off in dividends.

I sincerely thank a few of you who have been rolling around on this journey with me, from crazy texts that do not make sense, to delayed orders due to the press, and a general lack or organization...THANK YOU for your patience.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Contest Time!

Even though we are closed for custom orders right now due to a very busy home life, there is still FUN to be had!

I am noticing our fan count is slowly decreasing and would like to turn that around. I need your help to bring quality (by that I mean customers potentially interested in our product lines) new fans to join our page ... and would like to reward you in doing so!

Let's do a referral promo! This is one where you can earn LOTS of store credit is really only limited by how many successful referrals you make!

For the remaining portion of the month of June, every NEW fan you bring to BB Butts Diapers Facebook page will earn you $1 BB Butt Buck. You invite the new friend ( we have an invite your friends app on the page to make it easy) and when they join they simply make a post on the page telling me who sent them. YOU need to make a comment to this post with your name (just once) so the contest is over here on the blog. Need to keep Facebook happy ;)

 I will tally the BB Butt Bucks and award them on July 1st (pal must still be a fan of the page). Easy Peasy as my 7 year old says!! I am going to cap the award at $50 BB Butts Bucks/ person. If you get more than 50 people though, I will enter you into a random draw for $25 more BB Butts Bucks for a total of $75 BB Butts Bucks! How sweet is that??!!??

On July 1st all of the new fans will be entered via to get  $25 BB Butts Bucks to get them started on their shopping!

Get those referrals happening and share a little BB Butts Love!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


OK, I bow down to all those religious bloggers. It take effort, I "get" it, I just do not get the time I guess? I never quite get into the groove! Here again it is 2 months since my last post. It kind of sounds like the beginning of confessional doesn't it...Forgive me Father as I have sinned...

Spring in these parts has been a bit of a long drawn out affair. We had snow as recently as about 10 days ago!! Finally my mayday and crab-apple are coming into bloom and there are the beginnings of flower buds on the lilacs. Most of the trees are getting leaves so finally there are splashes of color all about.

Business has been busy! We have had several hundred yards of fabric arrive in the past two months and the orders have been going out at a record rate. Thank you all for supporting us!

Finally all those kitchen rennos were completed...just int he past month actually.  I love the new kitchen and the built ins in the living room COMPLETELY changes the feel in here. Here is confession time though...I am insane. Really, I do think I am. After the kitchen project that ran 5 months over it's schedule, I have just organized another project. It is not a small one either. 

On Tuesday contractors arrive to completely strip the exterior of the house, build a new front deck/entry and re~frame my garage and then completely reside the house exterior. It is not a small house, we have six bedrooms, and there are three separate "towers" as we call not get excited they are not royal towers like a castle more like big boxes all shoved together ;) Fugly does not begin to explain it...the front of the house has ZERO character, so much (little?) so that no one even knows it is the front! I will take photos to document the change. They plan to be done in a week! The change will be epic...we currently describe the house as the "big white breadbox". A clue to the be continued ;)

So with the next round of upheaval, I am going to close for customs for the next two weeks. My plate is full. I have some orders on the go (awaiting new snap press parts) and they will be completed during this time as soon as the parts arrive. In stock orders from the website will be filled and shipped but no custom requests for the next two weeks please.

The Vanderhoof Farmer's Market starts up on Thursday! I am not quite sure how that is going to look for me. This week for sure I will not be there because of the work being done here at the house. Beyond, that I am unsure. I really enjoy the social aspect of it but it is A LOT of work and takes me away from my family. It also draws lots of time away from the other aspects of the business. I am hoping I can find a happy medium, even if it is doing the market one week a month... My hubby has been off work for a year now in a couple of weeks with his injury. He did finally get surgery and is doing rehab for it. He may have to go away to a rehab center to continue the journey to having a fully functional arm and that is another unknown that affects my market decisions.

Just a bit of an update to you all of what is going on in the background here. I hope you understand. If any  of you have tutorials or ideas on how to clone your self or know of an organization fairy I would really appreciate it if you would share

I hope you are all enjoying fair weather and discovering new thinks with the kids...

Until next time (whenever that might be lol),