Friday, February 17, 2012

Can a girl have too much fabric???

Hello. My name is Michelle and I am an addict. A fabric addict.

I spent all day yesterday attempting to make room for my most recent acquisitions. The fact that I had huge boxes of fabric falling over from their precarious perches dumping the contents all over MIGHT have had something to do with the motivation to undertake such a project. Or, it MIGHT have been my poor hubby grunting as he hauled 200 yds of cut diaper "guts" up into the house then down the two flights of stairs to the studio only to scream up "Just WHERE am I to put THIS!?!"

Yes, I have fabric....and admittedly LOTS of it. I buy in fits and spurs for the most part. Recently, there was much that needed to be stocked up on and some deals came my way that were just too good to pass up and then there were the adorable new releases, oh and let's not forget some Vera Bradley that was TDF, and the fact that one of my suppliers only mills some of the fabrics I use in "winter months" so I need to stock up enough to carry me to fall in those. Oh and my favorite fabric reps will soon be paying me visits and well, who wants to turn away a fabric rep right? Yes, if ye shall look for a reason...there is sure to be one to suit the occasion if it means more fluffy fabric headed one's way!

I think I found a home for close to 350 yds of new fabric. I am sure that I moved AT LEAST 500 yds to do so. It meant moving sections around from one set of shelves to a cabinet, from a cabinet to the old office up a floor, to put new stuff in the get the idea...rob Peter to pay Paul type of thing :) Not all are nice small pieces either..some are heavy awkward 50 yd rolls of fluffy goodness!

Having just bopped around the lower two floors of the house taking pictures of "the stash" I have come to realize while downloading that I neglected many key parts of said the dresser stuffed full of print PUL or the totes of whatever is in them, and did not take pics of the girly nor gender neutral flannels. Bottom line, this is going to be a two (or three) part epic post to get it all done!

Let's begin the tour in the studio shall we? This is looking back towards the stairs that I just came down. This
is my "main storage". We built these adjustable shelves when we re did our basement post flood a few years back. At the time, I thought it would serve ALL my needs...silly me! I could easily fill 4 of these these days .

As you can see the ironing board serves multi functions..right now it is the sorting facility for wipes that need to be serged. I can grab them right from there as I sit a the desk and serge away.

Under the ironing board is 4 rolls of PUL, about 70 cones of thread and my daughter's sewing kit. She is beginning and learning. We try to have a "sewing lesson" once a week. She made a pillowcase a few weeks back and come to think of it, it should be washed while she has a sleep over at Grandma's tonight...she never gives the thing up!

Within those yellow totes are a
bunch of diapers that are stacked and ready to sew, some wet bags ready to serge and in the other one, random smaller cuts of various fabrics. Atop the tote is some LWI dyed bamboo

french terry that I did up a few weeks ago.

The lower shelves contain a bolt of the most gorgeous lime Cotton velour, and then a rainbow of PUL in the left and middle sections.

Blogger is frustrating me at the moment so I am going to go and sew for a bit and will return this evening to continue showing you the stash.

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