Monday, May 25, 2009

Trade Show Results

Wow!!!! What a wonderful weekend I had!!

I had the pleasure of my mom's company over most of the past week and also participated in my first trade show.

It was a resounding success for BB Butts Diapers!! There were many new contacts made, sales were healthy from the instock and the custom orders were quite plentiful!! I have plenty to keep me busy over the next weeks now :) I am VERY glad that I took the plunge and did the show and the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce did a bang up job!!

The winner of the Kitchen Gift Pack was DEB BRIGGS. She has been contacted to pick up her prize...Congrats Deb!

So now it is time to keep a list of customs for all to be able to check in on their orders Look for your initials for your order status....

MR ~ Completed will contact tonight
MG ~ In progress, all cut, one complete
M&M I~ In progress, some cut
MC/ LW/ LC~ In wings

We have continued to work on the website today and over the next couple of days hope to have it fully functional. We had to turn off some of the pages as I was unable to meet my end of the deal...needed more hours in the day, days in the week, less time at the hospital and 10 more sets of hands to get ready for the trade show LOL

Keep watching!!

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