Thursday, February 14, 2013

Excited and Stoked!!

For a couple of years now, I have always viewed Sept 2013 as the time for me to truly evaluate the business I have built as well as my own life.

You see, that is when my last baby goes to school, and after 20 years of parenting babies and toddlers, I admit I am tired. I am looking forward to those 6  hours a day to schedule for ME. To look after me, to fill my needs and desires and begin a new chapter of life.

My kids' principal and I joke...along with the kindy many days until Sept?? She once said to one of the other parents recently " Oh I know Michelle, she will be having her own time out and an afternoon "tea" with a little something....and she should!" She has been along with our family as we have traveled a devastating journey the past couple of years and I have cried many tears on her shoulder. She understands at least in part some of what I have personally borne through it and understands my eager anticipation of this next journey that arrives in a few months (even if I am going to miss the crap out of the little man).

Soooo....imagine my thoughts when I came across a post on Facebook regarding a Fabric Fest is Vegas! Vegas is VERY accessible from these parts as it is a high volume destination for British Columbia and as a result is very cost efficient to fly to. I chatted to hubby in an offhanded way and he said "GO! Do something for you and tell me what week I have to book off of work." I love this man some days...well most days...well every day even if he does infuriate me beyond belief from time to time.

I mulled it over most of the day, checked out the class descriptions, made a wish list, slept on it, revised the class selections and then BOOKED IT!!!!

Yep, I am going to Vegas baby!!
Fabric Fest 2013

I felt this was a good time and opportunity to begin the process of that "rebirth" both of me and the business. A time to learn, be inspired, and and network. A time to see (once again) what is out here in that big bad wonderful world. To see what current and anticipated trends are. Gain a few new tricks in the bag and all of those other cliche statements.

This is my present to me. To finding me. For surviving little people. For remembering I count. To re energize me so I can share that in my marriage and with my children. It is funny in a way that one silly conference can have such a great effect, but I foresee it will. I will come back a happy smiling and excited momma. I look forward to sharing all of my new knowledge and ideas with all of you as well.

If any of you are going, please be sure to let me know so that we can meet up! I have one gal I have done business with in Florida going and get to see a business associate / friend who lives in Vegas as well. I am really excited to finally meet these ladies in person after knowing them for years!

Viva Las Vegas!!