Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall has arrived!

I do not know where the summer has gone, but the geese flying south and the frost in the early morning surely say that is has waned.

Today, we finished up our Farmer's Market season. I recall at the beginning of the season that I thought it would be such a chore and would *maybe* do it every other week. Oh, how wrong I was! It was a thrill to partake in, and I loved meeting so many new people and it certainly helped our local business! (Thanks Joni for the nudge) It was my weekly EVENT!

I could not have done it without the help of my family. My hubby got behind at and looked after kids, often delaying sleep after a long graveyard shift as did my eldest son. They both packed and unpacked all those totes and tents week after week up three flights and then down another full one each time! My mom and step dad were AWESOME.....every week Mom was there sitting beside me, and when we were not at the market, she was driving me forward to meet orders, produce product and keep inventory up. She is my main cutter as well! John was there every week to set up and take down as well, and often gave me a lift home if hubby was working. So THANK YOU to my family, I could not have had this part of my journey fulfilled without your help!

So what now? Well, it certainly will NOT be slowing down!! Over the next two weeks I will be attempting to list the remaining in stock items online. I need to update fabric galleries as I flew to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and bought about 30 bolts of fabric.

I have also joined a holiday boutique called Wonderland on Hyena Cart. It is another congo catering towards Christmas shoppers and there is sure to be some amazing items there!! The grand opening will be SEPT 15th!

Locally, I will be participating in the Mc Leod craft fair as well as Midnight Madness. There is another possibility but I am still ssshhh about it as I am not sure it will happen yet!

Please watch the Facebook page, fan it. We are driving to 300 fans and a diaper giveaway as soon as we get there!

Till next time.........