Sunday, February 27, 2011


Does it end? Will it ever end? These are the questions of late February and on into March in these parts. With a few feet of snow on the ground, a current windchill of -40 and a seemingly relentless snowfall...I am not sure it will and that Spring will ever arrive, despite what the calender says

Every so often we are rewarded with an amazing sunset. This was just a couple of nights ago from INSIDE my house with the back door know the cold and snow and all kept me in ;) The river is the white expanse in the fore ground.

We are busily getting ready for the PG WAHM Tradeshow. This promises to be a great event with over 70 home based businesses represented!!

I have seven totes STUFFED full of product
to take with me!!

Because of the tradeshow, packing up the store and my travel days I will be putting BB Butts Diapers online shop and BB Butts Diapers Hyena Cart on vacation mode by Tuesday. Hidden Element was "hidden" today as tomorrow is $HC Day and I will not be listing for it. Be sure to check out the other vendors though!

This is a wonderful event and opportunity to try out items using your $HC and save any explanations tot he hubby!

We are happy to announce that we have become an official Licensee of Fishsticks Designs and will now be offering BB Boxers made from a Fishsticks Designs pattern. Cute and available in even sizes 18 months through to big kid 14!

Aren't they adorable? I have a huge assortment of solid knits on their way home so that I can play with all of the awesome prints I already have here!

Watch for some custom slots to be available in March for these!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February is here!

Time seems to be flying by faster and faster each and every year!

February is here. My little boy, the star and originator of the company name of BB Butts Diapers, "Baby Ben" turned three yesterday on the first! It was a tough week for this mom, facing the fact that my last baby is no longer a baby, he had his first hair cut (from which I have a 6 inch ringlet pony tail), and dealing with all that comes with a birthday AND sick kids.

Poor Ben is beside me now on the couch from where he has not moved in over six hours, finally sleeping, but sounding like a diesel engine running rough. Soon the other kids will be home from school, and hopefully he will sleep through their arrival, he needs it bad!

So BB Butts stuff....All items that have been paid for or won are shipped out! I have a couple of orders pending awaiting payment but they are not going to be much of an issue.

I have started something called "Sharing Sunday". I need all my WAHM friends to head to the discussion tab on our Facebook and enter their info. From time to time, I will select one of those pages and hi light them on our page! Some good old FREE advertising for those who participate ;)

Second, it is February...and we have gone BOY CRAZY! We have boy items stocked at all of our store fronts for the month of Feb!. We also have debuted some fabulous new sets by request of our customers! I apologize, I do not know why that image is rotated but I cannot seem to fix it either As you can see, we can now offer sets, BB Tee, BB Knees and a BB Butt fitted in almost all of our prints! What nice gift options these make!

We have been working hard in our bits of down time to get the
main website, all loaded up with products! All of our wet bags are now listed, as are MOST of the accessories. I promise diapers are next! I actually have most of the medium boy diaper images ready to go and just need a couple of hours of clear time to sit down and do a set. It is not something that can be easily done a listing here or a listing there..I need a good block of time to get a whlole bunch done. Last weekend I sat beside my hubby while he gamed for about four hours straight one night doing I said, it is a time consuming process! Once I am at the stage I can load, there should be a bunch all at one though!

I have one more giveaway on the Hidden Element Facebook page! When they reach 500 there is a fitted diaper up for grabs and last I looked the page was about 70ish away! Fan us and enter on the discussion tab. Almost all of the Hidden Element vendors are also participating in the BOYS! theme as well so check it all out! We have a guest this month as well which is Calliope Handspun.

Ok, for those who made it this far, a perk! Another draw, to be drawn on the 28th. This one for a custom short sleeve BB Tee. To enter, post to this thread with a comment of what you would like to see more of on BB Butts.
As always, I appreciate it when you share BB Butts with friends.