Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here is a pic of my little diva.

Another one down!! The WC order is complete and awaiting pick up.

I am moving ahead to the GH order as it is paid and sorted out. I hope to have this done by the end of the weekend. The accessories will be complete tomorrow along with all of the dyeing. Over the wknd the dipes will be completed. Well, that is my grand plan at any rate, we will see what curve balls life tries to thow ;)

I also have a few items to make for Hidden Elements grand opening (July 7th)

I stocked at dotCA today. Have a look http://www.hyenacart.dotca/ Several $HC, and FFS offerings to enter.

I will be taking a good part of next week off as I will have company and they will be staying in my sewing room (after I move about 40 bolts of fabric off the bed LOL).


JA ~ working details

GH ~ dyeing bamboo for dipes and doing accessories (several dipes and accessories)

CT ~ 3 custom AIO

JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes)

Stocking slot for dotCA, BB Butts, and Hidden Element

CB ~ Wet Bags

Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)

EF ~ AIO order awaiting details

AA ~ 6 custom AIO

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