Thursday, April 8, 2010


BB Butts Diapers is thrilled to have The Country Cupboard / Studio X as our first brick and morter store to carry our products!!
Drop by and see Nikki or Katie to see what we have in store.
Currently, there are All in One diapers, some fitted diapers, acccessory packs, wipes, wipes bits, dryer balls, wet bags.
The Counrty Cupboard is across from the Post Office in Vanderhoof.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

We find ourselves once again with a WHITE landscape.....yes we had a dump of snow again. After days of wild flurries that did not stick, it did last night. Hopefully it will all melt and soon be green, melted snow is water afterall and we do need it!

I have been very busy the past week working on a secret surprise project. It has been very rewarding. Spring brings new life and new direction and this order does bring a new direction to BB Butts Diapers. Watch for an announcement in the comming days!

I have also been doing much better health wise (and I am VERY happy to say it!) It was a very long road the past couple of months and there are still some smaller issues to be delt with but overall I feel like a human now and am not afraid when I wake up that I will end up in the hospital prior to the end of the day.

With renewal all around, and the beginning of Spring, I am going to be once again stocking at Hidden Element starting this Tuesday! There will be both fitted and AIO diapers this stocking. I will soon stock the BB Butts Diapers hyena cart as well but am taking it slow, just one shop at a time to keep the workload down.

Enjoy what remains of your long weekend and especially enjoy the easter egg hunts with the kiddos! I love seeing the surprise and wonderment on a child's face :)

Happy Easter!!