Thursday, August 4, 2011

Technology is not my friend!

First server issues and now a modem that is not liking the fact that summer has FINALLY arrived in these parts as of Aug 1!!

Apparently if it goes over 22 degrees celcius (70F for my American friends) the #**%&@+ modem I get from Telus stops working! This happeded two summers ago also. The call out guy said plan on a new modem every year at that time. I guess we have been exceptionally lucky to have this one last 2 years LOL

I am sending in an order for a new modem. Hopefully they send the dude out soon so he can unplug this one and put in the new one. I don't know why they just do not send it in the mail. I may be challenged at times, but really, I CAN plug in a new modem!!

All that to say, I am not ignoring emails posts and the likes. If you order and do not hear from me, it is that I have not yet gotten notification of the order. If you are concerned please call or text to 250 570 9565 and I will help you as best as I can.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner announced!!!

Congratulations to our winner of the Birthday Giveaway of a $20 GC to be used for instock or a custom slot!

Boyzrule aka Debandmike moretti is our winner!! Deb, please email me at michelle at bbbuttsdiapers dot com so we can work out a cupon code for a current listing or details for a custom slot.

Thanks to everyone for entering! :)