Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fell off the blogging wagon...

Or so it seems after over a week of not posting! It has been busy times since my last post to be sure!

Friday the kids found a little of kittens and came trotting home with them. To be fair, I must say that I did atleast get a call on the cell prior to their arrival. The little babes, two of which did not even have their eyes open. We are guessing they were 5 to 7 days old. They still had umbilical stumps, the eyes and were approx 6 ounces each...can you say TINY! I am charging the camera so I can download some pics.

These little beings are so incredibly needy....feeding (by dropper) every couple of hours. There are three of them, and at first it was a long process, now after a few days of learing on both sides of the rubbermaid box, we can do a feeding in about 15 mins. We even have to help them go potty. Right now we are attempting to teach feeding from a is not going so well and making quite a mess!

These little beings seriously cut down my sewing time, I'm a tired mama. Remember those newborn days of walking around in a fog? I thought I was over that but revisited it this week and I must say, I really did not miss it LOL.

We had company arrive on Monday which meant all sewing came to a halt and the sewing room had to be dismantled. My folks were back to do a few more details with their house purchase. Next time they come, they will have a house, but they will not be able to live in it quite yet (long story for another post).

So, they sewing you are wondering. I have completed the GH order today. I did get a few items completed for the Hidden Element stocking...have a visit I have a REALLY cute fabric I used .

I have a couple other items to "tidy up" tonight and will be making some customer contacts for order details and payments. I should have an updated customs list tomorrow (hopefully).

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