Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it is my b day today!

The kids and hubby did some tidying up for me, DH gave me a nasty cold and kids made me a frozen cheesecake. Ben took 4 steps to me. YAY to Ben...he has a ways to go yet but in the past few days he has finally been letting go of things and standing for a few secs. He will be 18 months in a few days. HE made my day!

I am finishing up AA order tonight. Got a few more orders in the works. I also have to do some sewing for dotCA and the next Hidden Element stocking. Finally I feel like some of the pressure that was created from the trade show is lifting. I have sewn SO MANY diapers in the past couple of months, it has far exceeded my initial expectations of this little hobby venture.

The windows went in slick. It is all done now, save for a window that for some reason did not arrive. It is a basement window so not too much of a biggie.

Man is it HOT! It has been in the mid to upper 30s all week and looks like another week yet of the same. Not pleasant weather for a cold :(

A sad update as well. The three orphaned kittens we found all expired late last week. It was so sad, they went from doing good to the end in a matter of 24 hours. We got one to the vet and he was amazed that we kept them going for three weeks. He said kittens that small usually die in a couple of days after being taken from the mama. I am angry at the unidentified @)($&@* that dumped them at the edge of the river to be eaten by the eagles a few day old babies! There were some sad faces and many tears around here.

Enjoy the summer sun all.

Custom list update in next post.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Construction Zone

Where does the time go????? Here it is past the middle of July already!!

My windows showed up and are being installed over the next three days which means that the house is turned upside down. I was wanting to finish the last 2 of the CB order last night, but it did not happen...SORRY C! I am going to do it tonight once I get cleaned up from today's construction and get Ben down for the night. I do not even have my bed to sleep in so I might as well sew ;)

Thursday is also going to be a write off. I am having an issue with my port so have to go and get a CT Angiogram of the ticker. Izzy also has to be casted that day for new orthotics. They now have to give her braces that will go right up her leg...she is not going to be really happy about any of the process. Try and rationalize with a four year old! Maybe I can get hem to build themin all pink?? Anyhow, the whole day will be in Prince George for medical appts now.

So from memory.... stages
CT awaiting payment
EF awaiting details
JA ~ priority slot as soon as she (and the website) are ready.

Well best get gone and doing more work (and dinner). I also have to pull a little magic and stock for Hidden Elelment tonight. If you get a chance, please drop by to see all my great congo mates at

Oh, and the playground is STILL under is that thing BIG!! Pics to come once completed!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Costco Shop

Well we did it...and how!!

Yesterday dh and I headed off for the closest thing to a date, a trip to Prince George without kids!! We had two things on the agenda...have the Sirius installed and get to Costco to get needed staples.

Danny dropped me off then headed to get the truck dropped off prior to joining me at Costco. By time he did, I needed a second cart. Scary!!
We only did the food side and the back end of meat and bakery. Then we see it....the huge play yard. Always look at would be any kids dream but we have never even considered it. Then Danny sees what tips the scales in the kids is $500 off! Yikes!
He keeps saying how Izzy will "freak" and there is a swing for Ben even. After a surprise at the till with the groceries being a few hundred less than we figured, he went back and got the set.
As you can see from the pic it is an elaborate structure. We managed to get it in the truck as well as all of the groceries. Thankfully Danny got a canopy for the truck the night before. The gate was open, but the canopy would close so all off the goods fit and made it home safely.
So right now, I am trying to keep Izzy in the house. Not such an easy task...she is SOOO full of anticipation. Danny and Alex are working on building this set. Those of you who know Danny, know this is going to be quite a feat!! He is not a "handy" guy if you kwim?
I give my husband credit...he will step well out of his comfort zone in order to please his children. Just keep those children away so they do not hear the "coping mechanism" of sawmill talk while it is being done!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The current Customs list. Please remmeber that those who have their details set and payments made are served first. An email goes out to each customer a few days prior to their slot becomming available. I do move on to the next order if I have open time. You do not lose your place and will be next providing details are set and payment is made by that time.

GH ~ ORDER COMPLETE awaiting shipping
CB ~ Wet bags start Monday
JA ~ awaiting details (web design trade)
CT ~ awaiting details
JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes) ?customer delayed?
Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)
EF ~ AIO order awaiting details
AA ~ 6 custom AIO

I am enjoying the weekend off, it just turned out that way with awaiting details of orders (thanks!! :) ) Tomorrow I am headed to PG for a day of much needed shopping. It is the costco shop...oh how my dh hreads those lol.

Enjoy the great summer weather everyone!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fell off the blogging wagon...

Or so it seems after over a week of not posting! It has been busy times since my last post to be sure!

Friday the kids found a little of kittens and came trotting home with them. To be fair, I must say that I did atleast get a call on the cell prior to their arrival. The little babes, two of which did not even have their eyes open. We are guessing they were 5 to 7 days old. They still had umbilical stumps, the eyes and were approx 6 ounces each...can you say TINY! I am charging the camera so I can download some pics.

These little beings are so incredibly needy....feeding (by dropper) every couple of hours. There are three of them, and at first it was a long process, now after a few days of learing on both sides of the rubbermaid box, we can do a feeding in about 15 mins. We even have to help them go potty. Right now we are attempting to teach feeding from a is not going so well and making quite a mess!

These little beings seriously cut down my sewing time, I'm a tired mama. Remember those newborn days of walking around in a fog? I thought I was over that but revisited it this week and I must say, I really did not miss it LOL.

We had company arrive on Monday which meant all sewing came to a halt and the sewing room had to be dismantled. My folks were back to do a few more details with their house purchase. Next time they come, they will have a house, but they will not be able to live in it quite yet (long story for another post).

So, they sewing you are wondering. I have completed the GH order today. I did get a few items completed for the Hidden Element stocking...have a visit I have a REALLY cute fabric I used .

I have a couple other items to "tidy up" tonight and will be making some customer contacts for order details and payments. I should have an updated customs list tomorrow (hopefully).