Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Costco Shop

Well we did it...and how!!

Yesterday dh and I headed off for the closest thing to a date, a trip to Prince George without kids!! We had two things on the agenda...have the Sirius installed and get to Costco to get needed staples.

Danny dropped me off then headed to get the truck dropped off prior to joining me at Costco. By time he did, I needed a second cart. Scary!!
We only did the food side and the back end of meat and bakery. Then we see it....the huge play yard. Always look at would be any kids dream but we have never even considered it. Then Danny sees what tips the scales in the kids is $500 off! Yikes!
He keeps saying how Izzy will "freak" and there is a swing for Ben even. After a surprise at the till with the groceries being a few hundred less than we figured, he went back and got the set.
As you can see from the pic it is an elaborate structure. We managed to get it in the truck as well as all of the groceries. Thankfully Danny got a canopy for the truck the night before. The gate was open, but the canopy would close so all off the goods fit and made it home safely.
So right now, I am trying to keep Izzy in the house. Not such an easy task...she is SOOO full of anticipation. Danny and Alex are working on building this set. Those of you who know Danny, know this is going to be quite a feat!! He is not a "handy" guy if you kwim?
I give my husband credit...he will step well out of his comfort zone in order to please his children. Just keep those children away so they do not hear the "coping mechanism" of sawmill talk while it is being done!

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