Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a few days!

Well it has been eventful the past few days! Over the weekend we had such plans for Sunday. Got up, made the coffee and out goes the power...thankfully we had coffee! We did not have power for the next six hours however so work on insulating the basement halted (no light) and my sewing spree was also halted. I did reorganize the sewing room however and I can finally see most of my fabrics.....YAY!

I am 100% caught up with orders to date. I am now onto working towards having enough stock for the Vanderhoof Trade Show on the 22 and 23rd. I have a custom order in the wings for right after the trade show of 24 dipes as well as another for a few I suspect from another repeat customer.

Last night I had a very worrisome evening. While watching the news I hear a notation of a fire near the town I grew up in and on the highway we lived on. Of course, kids being kids, they get all loud just as they say WHERE and I miss it!

My parents still have the home I grew up in there but my brother is living in it with his wife currently while the folks help out my step mom's mom in her advancing years at her home. I called my dad to see if he has heard anything and Grandma says they are not there so I ask where and she says they are headed to the house. I ask if it is in regards to the fire and she replies yes but has no idea what is going on.

I call my brother...our relationship has been strained to say the least but this is serious and I call. He answered and it sounded like a war zone, I can hear helicopters and the line is cracking! The fire is right at the house and it was not looking good then at all! There are three helicopters there bucketing the lake trying to keep the fire at bay and the winds are high.

I check in a couple hours later and things seem to have died down a little. Dad and mom have just arrived, and the helicopters had just pulled out as it is getting dark. The mountains on both sides of the house are burning. Our home is safe for the time being.

I really hope that the winds have stayed calm overnight, it is still too early to call for an update, they may have had a very LONG night and I do not want to wake anyone if they are catching a little sleep. I will check in later this morning.

Izzy got up at 6am puking her little face off so our day schedule has changed. No school for her today which will actually make the day go easier in many respects. Hopefully she sleeps lots and will fight this bug off.

I dyed some bamboo last night, so I am hoping to play with it today. I also have to work up a couple of patterns for fitted and flat diapers today. I will update on the fire when I know more later on!


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