Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well it has certainly been eventful of late! I ended up having a few down days with the business as I had my folks show up again just days after my mom went back home.

It was a very busy visit as they ended up purchasing a home a few doors down from me. WOW was ALOT ever squeezed into three days LOL....they will be back up in Aug to renno their new home.

So the list looks much the same I am afraid....well with the exception of having more added to it that is!

MG~ in progress (20 dipes)
ZD ~ in progress (5 dipes + acc)
MI ~ cutting and awaiting fabric (40 dipes)
WC ~ in wings (20 dipes + acc)
CB ~ awaiting fabric (wb)
AT ~ awaiting fabric (fabric)
JA ~ working details
GH ~ working details

I was also called by Children's on Friday and have to fly down with Ben next Wed. I am going to try to get the MG and ZD order and any quickies I can out of the way prior to leaving. I will be gone just shy a week as it stands unless they decide to do surgery on him on that trip.

So, as you can see, I have LOTS of sewing to get on! The weather is glorious and I planted my deck barrels finally today. Have still not gotten to the yard work however! Also need to do more on the website....all in time, just when to get it ;)

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