Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

We hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!!
We are working dilligently to bring new products to BB Butts Diapers!
First up....fitted diapers! Both turned and serged varieties. Stocking on Jan 5th at both Hyena Carts!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding down a year!!

Well if it was along time between my last posts, this time it has been nearly a lifetime!!

First...Merry Christmas to all of you!! We have had a wonderful holiday together, and all are feeling the turkey triptophan ;)

Lots of things are going on with BB Butts currently. I am finally propagating the main site with LOTS of products! I believe that I added close to 80 items today and still have diapers and kitchen cloth to enter!! Watch for new items being added over the next week. The shipping module is set up so ordering is really streamlined from my point. If you want local pick up, I am attempting to work in that option and in the mean time, I will refund any shipping charges when you pick up. Please just add a note with your order so we can arrange a suitable time.

We are excited to be a sponsor of this year's New Year Baby for Vanderhoof. We will have ads showcased in two editions of the Omineca Express, this Wed and the Wed after the baby is born.

At Hyena cart we are also freshening up. Currently there are Boxing Day sales at both the BB Butts Diapers and Hidden Element Hyena Carts. Lots of $HC deals. On the 31st all 2009 products will be removed.

January 1 2010 sees several new updates to BB Butts Diapers across the board. We have new labels that will be used on all our products now. The Wipes Bits have new, more convenient packaging that also better reflects our 'branding". New products coming to the line up are Fitted and prefold diapers. The first New Year stocking will be Tuesday Jan 4th.

I am in the planning stages of two collabs. One will be with Margaret of Seun Designs where we will be working on diaper and cover combinations. The other will be with Ginny of Who? and Marlene of Country Soaps where we will do a mama set of goodies.

For now I am going to run. It is nearing 1 am and I have worked many hours today.

Continue to enjoy your holidays. All the best to your family from ours for 2010!!