Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ahhhhhh...celebrate with me!! The MI order of 40 dipes is done!! YIPEEE!!!

This order was the largest I had to date and it was daunting...it seemed to take forever to do a single step....combined with waiting for fabrics and a trip to Vancouver for a week for medical stuff I was getting antsy.........but the satisfaction of seeing all of those dipes complete is SWWEEEEEETTT!

I had a hug in the mail today from my friend Selina (ya you who follows LOL) and I celebrated my order completion with a cup of Healing Pixie Chai that she sent me...YUMMMMMM! Thank you Selina...you made my day!!

Tomorrow I am taking a day off from sewing...sorry but my house REALLY needs it and if I do not take care of it, the job of cleaning it will become more than daunting!

I have at least two sets of company showing up in the next couple of weeks ( all parents of ours) and my mom will be using my place as a base of sorts until her new house a few doors down is renno'd. We are also doing some pretty extensive rennos this summer so I need everything in order to be able to cope with all of the impending chaos!

Thursday is back to sewing and it is my hope to have the next order done by the end of the weekend (20 dipes and accessories). I need to get as much cleared out as possible before company arrives as the sewing room is my guest room. My dh is still working on renno'ing the basement for me to move the sewing downstairs and let me tell ya, I cannot wait!

When I get to the slot for Ben, I will be working on my fitted pattern. I have several YUMMY fabrics on their way to me, some more knits, and cotton velour. That reminds me, I need to photo all of those and get them up on my fabric galleries!!

Ohh...also some purple and camo oogas are on the books and some of it will be on poly and laminated!

So, that is the update for now. Wish me luck cleaning....if you do not hear from me in a couple days please send the search party out!

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