Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back at it!

Hello everyone! :)

We are back at it in full swing! The Farmer's Market today was another great day of meeting customers old and new!

We had a number of new fabrics arrive this week. Check out the facebook page to see them all but this is one of my new favorites for wet bags!

I am currently working on a "Rainbow" of diapers for a family who are expecting their little pot of gold soon! I will be posting a bit of a photo trail of the making of this large order both here and on Facebook once it is complete.

I had another custom order last week and got to work with another couple of my newer fabrics. I really love these fabrics and think they fit in quite nicely with the "western" theme of a farming community such as ours!

Speaking of farming and western, I have committed to holding an additional market day on saturday Aug 21 at the Vanderhoof Fall Fair.

We will continue all of our Thursdays at Riverside Park as well.

Remember that the web site is currently NOT stocked very well. I DO have LOTS of instock however so if you are looking for something please just phone, email or message me on facebook and I will help you out!

Continue having fun in the sun! The weather has been incredible! Remember there is a camp fire ban in BC now. We have several fires local to us currently and it is sad to see so much of the landscape eaten up by hard but be safe out there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Holidays!!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are closing for Summer Holidays from July 18 to 28th.

A note on "we"...I do not have multiple personalities, not that I will admit to at least ;). Several months ago, my mom moved up here and she has become an unsung integral part of my business. I always loathed has completely taken the cutting aspect over leaving me free to concentrate on sewing and design elements. As a result, capacity has increased greatly for the business.

Feel free to purchase in stock items. They will ship on the 28th. We will not be at the Vanderhoof Farmer's Market on July 22nd but do return on the 29th.

We have been listing little on our websites as everyone is outside enjoying the summer weather and on the computer little. We have focused our time on making products and selling locally for the summer months and have really enjoyed the personable aspect of this.

Simply, it has been too busy to spend lots of time on listings to have them sell locally and have to drop the listing before an oversell occurs. It is too time consuming. Like you, our family is also busier with the kids all home and trying to squish in as much summer fun as possible.

We have kept listings going at Hidden Element on Hyena Cart. The best way to keep up with us these days is via our facebook page. Click on our new Facebook badge on the left sidebar and "li
ke" our page. We update very regularly, often post pictures of recent "builds" as well as post sales, contests and the occasional giveaway! Most items can be purchased by directly contacting us or posting interest on the wall.

Come September we will have a few HUGE stockings on each of the sites. It has been a very busy summer of sewing!

In the mean time, I am going to spend some time with my hubby and kids camping, and help the littles catch their first fish. No computer, no phone, no cell, no email, no fabric, sewing machine or serger! I AM going to take my long neglected knitting project ;)

I hope each of you also take the time to make a special memory or two this summer as well! :)