Sunday, December 26, 2010



Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
I hope that you are all enjoying a little down time and savoring the joy and wonderment of the season with your families and especially the children.
Just when I thought I had it all figured out and would finally have a beautiful and fully stocked website for a first annual Boxing Week Sale.....trouble strikes!!

We had a crash of our main site on Christmas Eve...I know, Merry Christmas right?? yea... Ho HO HO.

The good news is....we now know the cause. The bad news, there is work to be redone.

I must start off by giving a HUGE public thank you to Jen of Blue Hollow Designs. I sent the email on Christmas Eve, honestly not figuring to hear until the 27th ish.

When I had a few quiet moments on Christmas Day, I logged into my email and found a group of emails from her identifying the problem, an initial restore, and some "bridging" of the gaps for customers.

That in itself was my best gift of the day!

So...the long and short is that the site is effectively down for the time being. I expect that once this holiday week is over we will get down and dirty and get at it to get the functionality and appearance restored. Then I will be able to reload all of the product items again. As I get each section completed I will open them up and make them available.

The good news is that is shouldn't take too long (more than a week or two) to get the products all listed as I had recently been working on the images for what was supposed to be the Boxing Week site wide Sale.

In the mean time, you can hop over to Hidden Element ( ) for some Boxing Week sale items.

There are many items on Facebook in our Nov and Dec Project Albums and many of those items may still be available so please email us if there is something that interests you.

If you are local...this is our last week at our storefront at the Co Op Mall. We will be open Tuesday (28) 10-4, Wednesday (29) 9-4 and Thursday and Friday will be pack up days. There will be some great specials on items so please stop in and take advantage of them!

We will continue to work from our home studio throughout the year and look forward to serving ALL our customers smoothly once again soon.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exciting News!!!!!

BB Butts Diapers has opened a storefront for the month of December!!!

We are located inside the Co Op Mall just inside the partition doors beside the food floor.

This has been made possible from an enormous amount of help from my family. Few of us realize the amount of help that family members put in to assist a WAHM in making dreams come true. Be it hubby who is home right now looking after littles and cleaning and making dinner or running to the post office, or the eldest son who babysits extra hours, my mom who sits in the store and helps me in the sewing room or her husband who is "McGuyver", the do anything type of guy, it takes EVERYONE, not just me!

Most of all it is the customers who keep purchasing and driving us forward in growing the business. While I cannot sustain the store long term, it is wonderful that we are doing this for the season. Simply put, my kids are first and with a little man who is still two, my time is best spent at home long term, not in a store. He will grow and in a few years we will re evaluate the needs of our family as well as those of the business and may decide to have a permanent storefront at that time. For now, we do it when it works.

Vanderhoof is a wonderful community. Always so many events and happenings. Many of these are centered around kids or done with the kids in mind. To kick off the Christmas Shopping season, this Friday is Moonlight Madness. It all begins with the Parade of Lights. Upwards of 100 floats all decked out in Christmas Lights and carollers will go along the parade route to kick the evening off. It is simply SPECTACULAR. Candy is given to the kids, merchants along the route serve hot chocolate for the spectators and then after the parade the shopping begins!!

BB Butts Diapers is participating in the madness of Moonlight Madness. We will be having some hour long specials at differing times throughout the night.

3-5 PM 20% off Kitchen Cloth

7-8 PM 15% off Wet Bags

9-10 PM 10% off chalk mats, crayon wallets and gift tags

11-12 PM 15% off diapers

Come on out Friday and celebrate with the community and let the magic of Christmas begin!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New store!!

How is it that every time I come to check on this, it has been a LONG time since I posted???

We have some very exciting news!! BB Butts Diapers is opening a storefront in the Co Op mall next to the Co Op grocery store!

Loading inventory today and hope to open first thing Wednesday morning with a grand opening for Friday afternoon beginning at 4. I will post pictures soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall has arrived!

I do not know where the summer has gone, but the geese flying south and the frost in the early morning surely say that is has waned.

Today, we finished up our Farmer's Market season. I recall at the beginning of the season that I thought it would be such a chore and would *maybe* do it every other week. Oh, how wrong I was! It was a thrill to partake in, and I loved meeting so many new people and it certainly helped our local business! (Thanks Joni for the nudge) It was my weekly EVENT!

I could not have done it without the help of my family. My hubby got behind at and looked after kids, often delaying sleep after a long graveyard shift as did my eldest son. They both packed and unpacked all those totes and tents week after week up three flights and then down another full one each time! My mom and step dad were AWESOME.....every week Mom was there sitting beside me, and when we were not at the market, she was driving me forward to meet orders, produce product and keep inventory up. She is my main cutter as well! John was there every week to set up and take down as well, and often gave me a lift home if hubby was working. So THANK YOU to my family, I could not have had this part of my journey fulfilled without your help!

So what now? Well, it certainly will NOT be slowing down!! Over the next two weeks I will be attempting to list the remaining in stock items online. I need to update fabric galleries as I flew to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and bought about 30 bolts of fabric.

I have also joined a holiday boutique called Wonderland on Hyena Cart. It is another congo catering towards Christmas shoppers and there is sure to be some amazing items there!! The grand opening will be SEPT 15th!

Locally, I will be participating in the Mc Leod craft fair as well as Midnight Madness. There is another possibility but I am still ssshhh about it as I am not sure it will happen yet!

Please watch the Facebook page, fan it. We are driving to 300 fans and a diaper giveaway as soon as we get there!

Till next time.........


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back at it!

Hello everyone! :)

We are back at it in full swing! The Farmer's Market today was another great day of meeting customers old and new!

We had a number of new fabrics arrive this week. Check out the facebook page to see them all but this is one of my new favorites for wet bags!

I am currently working on a "Rainbow" of diapers for a family who are expecting their little pot of gold soon! I will be posting a bit of a photo trail of the making of this large order both here and on Facebook once it is complete.

I had another custom order last week and got to work with another couple of my newer fabrics. I really love these fabrics and think they fit in quite nicely with the "western" theme of a farming community such as ours!

Speaking of farming and western, I have committed to holding an additional market day on saturday Aug 21 at the Vanderhoof Fall Fair.

We will continue all of our Thursdays at Riverside Park as well.

Remember that the web site is currently NOT stocked very well. I DO have LOTS of instock however so if you are looking for something please just phone, email or message me on facebook and I will help you out!

Continue having fun in the sun! The weather has been incredible! Remember there is a camp fire ban in BC now. We have several fires local to us currently and it is sad to see so much of the landscape eaten up by hard but be safe out there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Holidays!!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are closing for Summer Holidays from July 18 to 28th.

A note on "we"...I do not have multiple personalities, not that I will admit to at least ;). Several months ago, my mom moved up here and she has become an unsung integral part of my business. I always loathed has completely taken the cutting aspect over leaving me free to concentrate on sewing and design elements. As a result, capacity has increased greatly for the business.

Feel free to purchase in stock items. They will ship on the 28th. We will not be at the Vanderhoof Farmer's Market on July 22nd but do return on the 29th.

We have been listing little on our websites as everyone is outside enjoying the summer weather and on the computer little. We have focused our time on making products and selling locally for the summer months and have really enjoyed the personable aspect of this.

Simply, it has been too busy to spend lots of time on listings to have them sell locally and have to drop the listing before an oversell occurs. It is too time consuming. Like you, our family is also busier with the kids all home and trying to squish in as much summer fun as possible.

We have kept listings going at Hidden Element on Hyena Cart. The best way to keep up with us these days is via our facebook page. Click on our new Facebook badge on the left sidebar and "li
ke" our page. We update very regularly, often post pictures of recent "builds" as well as post sales, contests and the occasional giveaway! Most items can be purchased by directly contacting us or posting interest on the wall.

Come September we will have a few HUGE stockings on each of the sites. It has been a very busy summer of sewing!

In the mean time, I am going to spend some time with my hubby and kids camping, and help the littles catch their first fish. No computer, no phone, no cell, no email, no fabric, sewing machine or serger! I AM going to take my long neglected knitting project ;)

I hope each of you also take the time to make a special memory or two this summer as well! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Fun!

The final days of school are upon us and the call is the sun and warm weather is being heard loud and clear around our home, as I hope it is at yours!

BB Butts Diapers will be focusing on the Vanderhoof Farmer's Market for the summer months. We attended our first just yesterday and it was great to connect with local residents and customers. We will be there most (if not all, but you know how things can come up) Thursdays from 11 to 3. The market is held at Riverside Park. Stop in on your lunch break even....there is lunch available from some of the vendors.

We will continue to stock at Hidden Element every other week and there will be the occasional stocking at BB Butts on Hyena Cart. The main website will likely not have a big stocking until we are done the market season to decrease workload of constantly changing listings. If you are looking for something, please contact us as we literally have totes and totes of products ready to go.

Enjoy the calmer schedule that summer brings...we are looking forward to some of those lazier mornings where a cup of coffee can be enjoyed on the deck and everyone does not need to be dressed and out the door at 830!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The past couple of months have been busy for BB Butts Diapers!

We did our "experiment" of having our items at The Country Cupboard on consignment. While it was some good exposure, both Nikki and I came across obstacles on the business and book keeping side that did not make it feasable in the end to continue keeping stock there. I thank Nikki and her staff for giving this a was our first brick and mortar relationship and despite it not continuing, I must say it was positive and the feedback on the products was good.

Local and offshore business has picked up lately and if you are not a member of our Facebook page, please go and join now! We run some sales and notify of promos on Facebook regularly as well as update the current goings on of BB Butts Diapers almost daily.

My congo on Hyena Cart, Hidden Element, has turned 1 as of June 1st. We have some fabulous promos going on there to celebrate, including a drawing for a $39 gift Certificate. Pop on over to to join in the party!

I am currently finishing up a couple of custom orders. I will be making a large batch of laundry detergent to be available starting Monday. I have ALOT of instock items right now. Most of it is currently NOT listed online so if you are local and are interested please give me a call so I can show you.

The weather is getting better and more time is being spent outside these days. Nothing like sitting on the deck looking down the river at a sunset :)

That does decrease the number of hours that I spend on the computer listing product sadly. My goal (is it a reasonable one though?) is to be COMPLETELY caught up one day....every item I dream of, constructed and fashioned, every item beautifully photographed and listed, my house to be impeccable, beautiful meals planned and executed daily, every desire of the kids to be met, and then my husband of course, look after him despite his wonky work....

I am a faulted woman, play in many aspects of life, but master few....but I can say I am happy, and that the important needs and goals are met.

Until we women are perfect, join me in dreaming of and attempting to attain the ellusive perfection of womanhood! :) In the meantime, enjoy the pleasures your life brings you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


BB Butts Diapers is thrilled to have The Country Cupboard / Studio X as our first brick and morter store to carry our products!!
Drop by and see Nikki or Katie to see what we have in store.
Currently, there are All in One diapers, some fitted diapers, acccessory packs, wipes, wipes bits, dryer balls, wet bags.
The Counrty Cupboard is across from the Post Office in Vanderhoof.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!

We find ourselves once again with a WHITE landscape.....yes we had a dump of snow again. After days of wild flurries that did not stick, it did last night. Hopefully it will all melt and soon be green, melted snow is water afterall and we do need it!

I have been very busy the past week working on a secret surprise project. It has been very rewarding. Spring brings new life and new direction and this order does bring a new direction to BB Butts Diapers. Watch for an announcement in the comming days!

I have also been doing much better health wise (and I am VERY happy to say it!) It was a very long road the past couple of months and there are still some smaller issues to be delt with but overall I feel like a human now and am not afraid when I wake up that I will end up in the hospital prior to the end of the day.

With renewal all around, and the beginning of Spring, I am going to be once again stocking at Hidden Element starting this Tuesday! There will be both fitted and AIO diapers this stocking. I will soon stock the BB Butts Diapers hyena cart as well but am taking it slow, just one shop at a time to keep the workload down.

Enjoy what remains of your long weekend and especially enjoy the easter egg hunts with the kiddos! I love seeing the surprise and wonderment on a child's face :)

Happy Easter!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well, the temperatures are rising, today is the first full day of Spring and we are celebrating renewal!

My health is slowly improving, but I continue to have a few glitches. On the upside, I have beeen sewing this week!!! I will have a VERY VERY exciting announcement in the next two weeks so watch....

In the meantime, a few give aways as we Spring Clean this week!!! ....Hop on over to our facebook page to enter!! http://

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a quick note to let you all know that I have been having some challenges with my health.

Products here on the main site are available and can be shipped within a couple of days. I am doing NO CUSTOMS AT THIS TIME.

The Hyena Carts have been temporarilly closed, for the month of March at this time. This will be re-evaluated towards the end of March. I need this time to recover and strengthen so that I can offer the very best to my customers.

Please join our BB Butts Diapers Facebook page. We will soon be having a few giveaways there of some older stock and older labeled items as well as a couple of preview of new releases.

Until then....enjoy watching the snows melt, and the days growing longer. I know I am.