Monday, January 13, 2014

It's THAT time of year again...

.....Where Canada Post makes it's dreaded shipping changes.

I worked most of the day on this and to be honest I am so frustrated and torn. I have done the best I can do with the limitations placed on me and I really NEED all of you to UNDERSTAND I do not set the rates.

I charge PENNIES on each package for shipping materials, my time and fuel to go to the post office. I try my out most to be FAIR! Please, please, please understand this!

Here is my CURRENT shipping policy and rates as it applies to diapers. To be honest, my brain is mush right now and I can not delve into all our other products today. I printed well over 70 pages of charts and rate classes to figure all of this out. So here goes....

We ship from CANADA.

Most orders take 2-3 business days to prepare/ complete prior to shipping at this time (due to volume). 

Shipping via Canada Post is a very complex issue for us Canucks to understand let alone our American counterparts. The differences between Can Post and the USPS are vast. That being said with the recent price hikes I have sat down and broke things down as they pertain to BB Butts Diapers. Please note, sometimes the shipping module can not "handle" the necessary calculations. We are committed to, and have a long track record of, refunding significant shipping overage to our customers

First off, let’s tackle diapers…

The US destinations are fairly simplistic here. The cost to ship one diaper in the US is $8.75 (that includes 70 cents for packaging, my time and fuel). Here is where the differences between the two systems show however. You can ship up to 4 diapers for just $11.50. This method (Small Packet US Air) has a delivery standard of 5-8 days but offers no insurance nor tracking. To add tracking and insurance you need to bump up to “Tracked Packet” which is, on average, an additional $7 per package. IF you want this option please convo me so that I can make a custom listing for you reflecting the price difference. I know…it sucks…please remember *I* do not work for Canada Post.

Shipping within Canada is a more complex system, based on postal codes and there is not one rate for the country, let alone each province sadly. One has to use a system of averages in this case. To make it “as fair as possible” I have broken shipping down into regions to reflect as close as possible the true costs to the customers rather than a larger “flat rate”.

So for UP TO 5 diapers the rate SHOULD BE as follows:

BC~ $10, AB ~$11, MB/SK ~$13, ON/QC ~$14.75, YT/NT/Maritimes $15.25

Yes, sadly, that is the price for 1 diaper as well, but BONUS when you can get 5 for the same shipping. However, Etsy does not allow me to differentiate between the regions IN Canada. As a result, I have to look at averages and hope it all works out in the end. By the way, I live in the West so there is a huge fluctuation in rates.

For now, until this situation can be addressed more, Shipping within Canada for a diaper will be $13.00. There will be an additional diaper fee for bulk orders to get to "actual" costs but ALL overages beyond $1 will be refunded regardless of if you purchase one diaper of half a dozen. I am REALLY trying to be fair to all! Please convo me if you are going to be overcharged (BC, AB) and I can make a custom listing for you to reflect actual shipping.

This is Expedited Parcel which has a delivery standard of 3 days in the region (western Canada) and up to 7 days nationally. It includes tracking and up to $100 insurance (additional insurance avail at $2/$100 please convo us prior to purchase).

We are not responsible for customs or import duties of the receiving nation. We can not be held responsible for packages once they have been marked as shipped and entered the postal system.

If you are concerned about the arrival of your item, please let us know.

If you are interested in shipping by Greyhound (often much quicker than Canada Post), please indicate and I will obtain a quote for you.

Local pick up can be arranged. Please make a notation in your order so that a suitable time can be arranged and shipping charges will be refunded at pick up or arrange to pay in person.

Our packaging is zero frills....just your items and a couple cards to keep your expenses to a minimum. Please note, for bulky orders, in order to continue on the meaningful theory of being eco-friendly, our shipping is done in recycled, reused (but clean) boxes. Single diaper and small item orders will be wrapped in shipping paper or polymailer envelopes to keep your shipping costs to a minimum.

We have worked diligently to reflect actual and true shipping charges to be fair to both you and us. There are times when that effort causes shipping overcharges in the case of multiple items purchased. Please know we promptly refund overages in excess of $1 (rounded up) via method of payment.

Please leave your comments and feedback. This is a HUGE issue for all of us!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's Have a Giveaway!!

Time for a Giveaway! It is no secret we are having our Second Annual Seconds Sale beginning Friday and I want as many as possible to know about it.

We will have diapers with "older' labeling, items that have had a drip of something (coffee) land on them at trade events, items with puckers that does not affect use, some previously loved longies and shorties and much much more! These items will be up to 40% off our regular pricing. First come, first served and you will be invoiced once you are done shopping and charged combined shipping. Sale will begin Friday at 7 PM and all unsold items as of 9PM Sunday will be removed from the sale.

To thank you for taking the time to share our sale, I am offering a $20 gift certificate to one lucky winner to be used in our Etsy shop for a future purchase. Each person can get several entries by just following the rafflecopter prompts.  Winner will be announced Monday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 5, 2013

Supermom raising the white flag

With the best interest of you my customers, as well as myself, I am currently closed to custom orders (with the exception of those already in discussion). I always aim to get orders out as fast as I can and meet delivery times, and it is very important and a source of pride for me. I am not sure I can maintain that standard right now.

I have been having some "back issues". Sometimes my legs are numb, loose sensation and become very weak. I have fallen as a result of this. I finally discussed this with my GP and had an Xray today. It is very clear from the Xrays that I am in fact having a spinal issue of some sort even to my naked eye. Three vertebrae look to be involved. As a result, I am not going to put myself in a position of having to work through pain or risking aggravating symptoms.  I am awaiting the official read of this test and then will have more, likely a CT or MRI scan.

I CAN still sew. I WANT to be able to continue to for many years also as it does bring me joy. I just need to dial back commitments. Right now, I will go at it as I feel I can and need the freedom to not sew if I feel I can not. Until I have an actual diagnosis and know the risks of whatever IS going on, I want to protect my back. Protect my joy. Protect my mobility for myself and my family.

Right now, some days it takes me awhile to get out of bed, or if I am sitting I can not stand. Let's not even discuss getting onto the floor to play with the kids. I have kept going, like we all do, ignoring my own stuff to look after the needs of family and others. I feel I need to look after me for right now, because I am not quite sure I could be anyone's "patient" long term! Believe me, no one could handle me .

So, just an explanation of an adjustment that will be happening on the business front. Feel free to post "hey you need more boxers...or can you work on some girlie diapers your inventory is low". That I can handle, but cranking out a dozen in a week or two, not so much. Honestly, most of you should not notice much of a difference.

The Etsy store is stocked and purchases can be made as normal. This only affects custom orders.

I really hope this all turns out to be something that can be dealt with and that it does not impact me greatly. Unknown sucks. Pain sucks. Fear sucks.

I am sorry. I feel like I am giving in on one front and being selfish, but I know this is what I *should* do for today. Maybe it will change again in a week. I have always said knowledge is power. I feel powerless right now because I do not have the knowledge I NEED.

To all of you busy moms...take the time to look after you. See your doc if something is "off". Remember to nurture you.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Generation 2 Launch

**Photos will be added tomorrow. Nothing like going to take photos and the battery is DEAD!

For quite a time I had improvements swirling in my head for our diapers. This was finally the time to implement them when a large custom order came in.

As I cut into several of my fabrics for the first time, I decided to make extras and make the best use of the fabrics as I did so. Fabrics very close to the end were used up so they did not have to be put away for example. 36 were pre~ordered and by the time all was said and done, there were 100 diaper outers cut.

It was the middle of March then. I decided to challenge myself to see how many of them I could sew up by the end of the month. I opened a Facebook question and invited people to make their guess as a way to enter for a 50% off diaper giveaway.

During those two weeks, the kids were out of school for spring break, I caught some sort of bug that laid me out in bed for three days, and I had my regular full day in hospital. Suddenly, those two weeks seemed like no more than a couple of days. While I had to finish the pre orders for the end of the month, I also wanted (and took) some time for my family and home as well. Actually, truth be told I did not take it, it TOOK ME!

The first improvement was increased absorption in all our diapers. The soaker layers are also now sewn individually so that there is greater water flow in the washer thus less chance of trapped particles, less compression and decreased drying times. 

Secondly, cross over snaps are standard on all sizes of diapers now. If you have chosen velcro as your closure of preference (available by request), it is also styled with a cross over tab to allow for more fitting options, especially during those size transition periods.

Third, we have increased the variety of inner fabrics available. Flannel will always be an option to add a cute print at an economical price point. Micro-fleece is available with print or solid PUL outters as is micro-chamois (color choices are limited however and I can let you know what would best suit a particular print outer  Suede-cloth is available in a cow print only at this time. Wicking lining jersey is newly available at BB Butts. Light, breathable and dry against baby. There will soon be a wide variety of colors of the jersey available to work with out print PULs.

Finally, small diapers all have a snap down umbilical cord "dip". Snap it down and adjust your other snaps to work around the area. One snap closing on each side is sufficient to hold for these newbies that have entered your lives.

The diaper construction challenge began! Labels were sewn in (200 in all), soakers sewn together, diapers stacked and pinned. Snaps were applied..until my hand hurt.

This necessitated an invention (or intervention) of need. The handle of the snap press is rough cast literally shreds hands while snapping large orders. When you consider that a diaper has 16 snap pressings (on average) times 100 diapers... owies! I had worked one evening until my hand really hurt. The next morning I was doing laundry and it all clicked for me. I have some rubber shelf liner stuff atop my dryer to protect it and reduce noise when things are on top of it. I cut about a three inch wide strip of it off (times however wide it is...18 inches maybe), plugged in my glue gun and got at it. I simply wrapped the handle in the stuff to make a cushion. I hot glued it together and then because I thought it may slip down the handle with repeated pressings I injected glue in between the layers at the end then let it dry. SCORE!! No more sore, raw feeling hands and I went on to snap MANY more diapers. Now if someone has a cure for the sore shoulder.....

So at the end of the day on Easter Sunday there was 65 diapers completed!! Not my full goal of 100 but also nothing to sneeze at either. Actually there is another 15ish that are about 2 hours away from all being done as well. I never did get to working on the mediums, the completed diapers are all smalls. This is also ok as I was getting very low on inventory for smalls.

The joy of being a WAHM is that I can set my own schedule and am answerable to me only. I was able to live life during an off schedule time and in the end came out ahead and met my customer need. Success!!

So who won??? Well congratulations to Mallory Robbins who entered in the 60 to 70 complete category. Mallory, you can message me through either FB or Etsy to let me know which instock diaper you would like half price!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Excited and Stoked!!

For a couple of years now, I have always viewed Sept 2013 as the time for me to truly evaluate the business I have built as well as my own life.

You see, that is when my last baby goes to school, and after 20 years of parenting babies and toddlers, I admit I am tired. I am looking forward to those 6  hours a day to schedule for ME. To look after me, to fill my needs and desires and begin a new chapter of life.

My kids' principal and I joke...along with the kindy many days until Sept?? She once said to one of the other parents recently " Oh I know Michelle, she will be having her own time out and an afternoon "tea" with a little something....and she should!" She has been along with our family as we have traveled a devastating journey the past couple of years and I have cried many tears on her shoulder. She understands at least in part some of what I have personally borne through it and understands my eager anticipation of this next journey that arrives in a few months (even if I am going to miss the crap out of the little man).

Soooo....imagine my thoughts when I came across a post on Facebook regarding a Fabric Fest is Vegas! Vegas is VERY accessible from these parts as it is a high volume destination for British Columbia and as a result is very cost efficient to fly to. I chatted to hubby in an offhanded way and he said "GO! Do something for you and tell me what week I have to book off of work." I love this man some days...well most days...well every day even if he does infuriate me beyond belief from time to time.

I mulled it over most of the day, checked out the class descriptions, made a wish list, slept on it, revised the class selections and then BOOKED IT!!!!

Yep, I am going to Vegas baby!!
Fabric Fest 2013

I felt this was a good time and opportunity to begin the process of that "rebirth" both of me and the business. A time to learn, be inspired, and and network. A time to see (once again) what is out here in that big bad wonderful world. To see what current and anticipated trends are. Gain a few new tricks in the bag and all of those other cliche statements.

This is my present to me. To finding me. For surviving little people. For remembering I count. To re energize me so I can share that in my marriage and with my children. It is funny in a way that one silly conference can have such a great effect, but I foresee it will. I will come back a happy smiling and excited momma. I look forward to sharing all of my new knowledge and ideas with all of you as well.

If any of you are going, please be sure to let me know so that we can meet up! I have one gal I have done business with in Florida going and get to see a business associate / friend who lives in Vegas as well. I am really excited to finally meet these ladies in person after knowing them for years!

Viva Las Vegas!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

First full day of Fall.......

...this year is going FAR TOO FAST!!!

The trees are beginning to turn color, frost has killed off most flowers and the fog is thick in the mornings.

I have been busily canning. Tomatoes, peaches, pears, salsa, jam, mincemeat, relish and more! 

I desperately need ideas for Halloween! Last year the family was EPIC! I heard over and over again from people in town about the Cat in the Hat and Thing1 and Thing2!! They were MY CREATIONS :)This photo even made the Erica Ehm Yummy Mommy site!

HELP!! I need ideas on what to do to stay within the same realm!! Last year I knew, this year I have nothing....

Took the "little puppy" in for a vet check yesterday. Since I posted when we got him, I will give you the update...he is now 5 months old and 52lbs! He has changed, but he has stayed the same in all of the best ways.

Mr Bentley is learning that the house can be an ok place and some manners. He thinks anything furry and small is a personal toy so the guinea pigs moved upstairs to Izzy's room for their personal safety!

Finally, a small stocking took place on Etsy today. Look for small scrappy diapers today! This Turtle Friends one is stunning!

Find this and more at

The next stocking later this week will have Halloween diapers for all the little goblins.

Now I need to get back to canning and get the first of the Halloween diapers completed!

Happy Fall people!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting back into the studio

It has been some time since I have blogged and our Facebook page has even been unusually quiet the past couple of weeks. Simply put, I hit my limit and was to a point defeated (and I apologize).

Back to school brought relief, new ambitions and promises but also a very busy schedule as well.  Most of you know I worked my butt off on a new project for my daughters hot lunch program and it rolled out just this past week with great success.

I was not quite prepared for all of the activity and time I needed to settle my daughter in, get my little man settled into a new routine, the final tasks of a program upstart, maintaining a home (that threw more than a couple of big curve balls at me), getting our garden harvest preserved (did you know a zucchini can double in size overnight?), a personal family situation that was beyond emotionally devastating and on and on it goes all without my husband who was away at rehab for his injury the past 2 1/2 months. 

My little man is "busy" to say the least. He is a mostly typical 4 1/2 year old boy but he is also is 100% gogogo...literally I go to the bathroom and fear what I will return to. Today it was a chocolate cake mix he had in a bowl had added water and cracked an egg into. The water actually looked close to the 1c called for and with 2 more eggs added by me, he stirred it up and we baked it for his sister. He is so proud. He is so smart, too smart, and this makes him "busy". By time he fell asleep by 9ish, I too, was DONE! I simply have not had enough hours in the day to get to the studio and I feel horrible but it was what gave.

HOWEVER, my husband came home from rehab today!!!! He goes back to work a few hours a day for the next week then gradually adds in an hour or so. He has not worked for 15 months as of Thursday on his return. 

What does this mean, and why am I bothering to post it? Well it means that I will no longer have to deal with a flood over two stories and a crawlspace from the toilet line breaking alone, or do the yard work, or all of the baths, or stay up to holler at kids to get into bed for 2 hours, or, or, get the drift. I will have HELP! I may get to have a shower of more than 45 seconds and without mortal fear. 


First up I have a few scrappy diapers that a few of you wanted. I will be getting to those as a first order of business this weekend (need a day or so to reunite as a family). I need to stock items...I tried a couple of times..but when I loaded my editing program on the new computer the updates changed the way I did things and I could no longer save them in a file type that Etsy would allow as an upload. I need to dig the old computer out and do some editing and should have some scrappy diapers up on Etsy within a week for you. Next sewing goal is some Halloween items. Some of these will be done as semi customs so watch the wall for posts and options along with pricing.

I just wanted to thank those that had stuck with the page. THANK YOU!!! I see the count has dropped dramatically but it is the ones (you) who are there that counts! Do you want the daily motivational / child engagement posts to continue (get going again)? Let me know what you would like to see from the page as we get into a now groove!