Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Week!

And a successful one too!

I did end up having my surgical procedures last week on Thur and Fri. Things went extremely well and I will have minimal in terms of recovery.

I came home to a walking boy! This is the first child that I was not present for a major milestone...a little heart breaking but I can take comfort in knowing the first few steps were to me a couple of weeks ago on my birthday. Look out world...this little man is going to be a bruiser, and at nearly 19 mos he has the strength to do so much more than the average just walking tot.

I got to visit some very special ladies. I was able to pop into the Mat and LDR wards of Royal Columbian. I spent 4 months in these ladies care and it is due to their credit and care that my little newly walking man is here. Great to see Michaela, Katie, Andrea, Judith, Elaine, Val, Elizabeth and so many others.

I was invited to a party they were holding for Katie who is getting married and moving(CONGRATS!) but I was in a bit of a phentnyl fog at the time. I would have LOVED to see everyone! It was neat to see the recognition cross some of their faces as they realized it was me ;) I am glad everyone seems to be doing well and so glad that Andrea and family got good news...I am always thinking of you and Rob ((hugs))

SO....this week I will be slowly getting back at it. I have lots of clean up to do from rennos. The furnace and new water system were installed while I was away so I need to cleanup and put everything back in order post that. DH works this week, and is off the following week when we will get the basement rennos into high gear. I will be EXTREMELY glad when I have the basement done and the kids stuff can go down there as well as my sewing area!

In terms of diapers... I am doing a light stocking at Hidden Element Tuesday. The first of Sept sees a "garage sale" of sorts at dotCA. As I have time I will be restocking BB Butts on Hyena Cart as well as stocking the main site. It is a matter of getting enough undisturbed time to sit at the computer and make all the listings up and co ordinate pictures. It would be SO GREAT to have a magic wand that auto stocks all items I have in stock! (8)'re nothing but a dreamer...(8)...that is me LOL

SO.....on that note, I should go and make some more listings ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Catching up!

Ahhh......ALL customs orders are caught up with the exception of one outstanding trade that has not yet been defined! I am over the moon! It has been a couple of months of long hours to get to this place but I would not trade it either! Thank you everyone foe the business!

We have had company since the 30th of July. My mom's new house three door down is slowly shaping up and I suspect they will be with us the remainder of this week. Dh had hollidays this past week and spent them all doing projects, a few for me and many for the folks!

The playset is completed as of today! The inagural slide was a hit! Izzy loves it, we need to get a different baby seat for Ben though. Next will be new fencing .

This week is another busy week around here. We have a hospital visit and duct cleaning Monday, Tue/Wed is a new furnace and HW. The rest of the week is yet to be seen but I may have to also throw in a flight to Vancouver and surgery this week as well. It is tenatively scheduled for the 27th but that is too late and should have been done by tomorrow.

As a result of the surgery, I am closing to custom orders. I expect 4 weeks healing time will be needed as one, possibly both sides of my upper chest will have operative sites. If I can start up earlier again, I will.

Now that I am caught up, I have been able to do something that I have been waiting for months for....fitteds! I made Ben some this weekend that turned out faily well. I am pleased and with a little more tweeking I hope to offer them on my carts this fall. Lots of fabulous fabrics are arriving to start the fitted line including camo ooga booga!

So, for today that is all. I will update again before I go for surgery.

If you have come here from, please take the time to check out my other retail sites for more listed products at ; , stocking the first of the month; stocking the first and third Tuesdays.

While off I plan to get listings in order for all of the sites and perhaps have a SALE !