Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making Progress!

Well a couple of orders are out of the way now!

MG and ZD complete and delivered! CB to be shipped Monday.

MI cutting and remaining fabric arrived.

Did you know for each diaper there are five pieces of fabric as well as five pieces of velcro in each unit? There are many steps to each diaper and thread changes as well which make these a time consuming item to produce. All fabrics need to be cut, the soaker layer sewn in, the labels (2) affixed, the velcro pieces all affixed, layers stacked, pinned, sewn, trimmed and clipped, elastic sewn in, turned and top stiched....ah done a diaper!

Glorious weekend, wish I was getting outside some. Finishing up some other little projects in the sewing room and packing over the next couple of days for the flights.

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