Monday, May 18, 2009

Long weekend? What long weekend LOL...well actually it was a long weekend!

Been feeling a little cruddy again this week, and ended up in hospital Sunday but did get out very late last night. Back on high dose steroids, just as I was only a week away from being rid of them so I am not a happy camper but I DO enjoy breathing so it is a trade off. I have not slept since 630 am Sunday morning. Joy but I did get serger ends tied off on over 1oo wipes!

I am still busily getting ready for the trade show this coming weekend and the illness setback is not helping! The web design is coming along as well but I am feeling overwhelmed and will not have it (well my portions of what the designer needs from me) 100% complete prior to the show but am hoping that we can switch over to it and complete in the days following the trade show. Only so much of me to go round ;)

Tomorrow is a day in hospital (scheduled) that will hopefully put me into a batter space illness wise in a couple of days. Another write off day.

My mom is coming up on Wed. She has not been here in just over a year and is coming to help out with the trade show. I need to clean up my house at some point before she arrives Wed morn too (she needs SOMEWHERE to sleep since the guestroom is FULL of fabric and projects) will be good to see her and have her support though. I am really nervous about this, I do not know why, I guess I just do not know how to prepare and I am disappointed that I am not taking some items I had hoped to debut there. (That only so much of me to go round thing again).

OK, I guess I should go do some snapping for a bit. I have an order to get out tomorrow. I hope that I get some sleep tonight as well...I could really use some sleep!!

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