Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a beautiful morning!! The sun is shining and it looks like spring has finally arrived, trees are springing leaves and the Mayday trees are starting to bloom :)

Today is a sewing day after I tend to some medical stuf f in the morning. I will attempt to get the MG order all cut (order was increased) and sewn as much as possible.

All fabrics have been ordered that are needed in the short term to complete these orders which are in the wings.

Oh, there is a waking little quiet part of the morning is over LOL....Ben has been so much fun the past few days! HE is growing like a weed suddenly and getting more bold and bruiser like. I suspect he will be walking in about a month finally, he seems to be changing from baby to toddler right now before my eyes and it is very bittersweet to see him progressing but as my last baby it is also sad.

Have a wonderful sunny day all!

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