Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back Online

What did we ever do prior to our computers? I hardly remember but I was certainly lost without mine the past couple of days!! I am getting all caught up on orders and emails and then back at sewing!

A big shout out to Dean of Central Computer and Design who got me back up and running and even worked on it on a day off!! While I hope I will never again need his services, I am sure I will and I will return! Great service and prices!

WC ~ sewing labels
JA ~ working details
GH ~ details set (several dipes and accessories)
CT ~ 3 custom AIO
JG ~ details set (2 EC dipe prototypes)
Stocking slot for dotCA, BB Butts, and Hidden Element
CB ~ Wet Bags
Stocking slot for BEN (my poor baby needs to size up so, YES I am slotting him a spot LOL)
EF ~ AIO order awaiting details
AA ~ 6 custom AIO

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