Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, new directions...

Welcome to 2011!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and came out of it refreshed and not exhausted as it often seems!

As you know we had a site crash on Christmas Eve. The good news is that the site is now recovered!! I am so happy!! I have slowly been adding items to the store, mainly wetbags right now, and have all non stocked areas turned off so it is not like being on a fruitless treasure hunt! It will take some time, but I will get it all stocked and going soon! I am excited that previous challenges have finally been overcome and that is going to become the primary cart for our items. If you see an issue or broken link, please email me and let me know. There are a couple of cosmetic issues to be worked out still as well.

Hidden Element ( ) has been going through many very exciting changes!! We have a brand new design that I feel is edgy, fun and funk all at the same time. We are focusing a little more on the "hidden" in we all have some hidden talents and diversity. Head to the Facebook fan page and like it for more giveaways!!
There are new vendors in January as well.... Melanie of Ewe Wear Ems joined at the beginning of the month and Janet of muggabug has returned to our congo after being gone for 6 or so months. We are also excited to add a new confectioner, Julie of Jewel of the Lion, and WOW is her stuff making me drool. I am enjoying the new diversity of items we are offering and hope that you will too!! Stocking on Saturday at 3 PM. Is it bad I will be stalking my own congo???

Back in October, November, I had a contest that asked what product the customers of BB Butts would like to see added to our line. I have listened and have begun with "BB Knees". These are available in any of our knit patterns. Just ask!! The next items I will be working on is a pattern for co ordinating hats and then little soft shoes, "BB Feet". Have a name idea for the hats? Let me know!
February is going to be a month focusing on Boys, Boys, Boys!! I love my little man, and do find it difficult to try to find cute stuff, so I am dedicating February to this. Hidden Element is also participating so there will be an awesome assortment of boy stuff.
We have been trying to pass the 1200 liker mark on Facebook for quite a time now. I do not know what Facebook is doing, but it seems everytime we make headway, they take another handful away.... we are so close to giving away a $25 GC...we CAN DO IT!! Share out!!
So let's have a little fun now!!! A giveaway...a $10 have to be a fan on Facebook and become a follower here. An extra entry if you get a new friend to like on FB and follow and they say your name in their entry post here. Your entry is your post here on the blog. This will be drawn on Jan 31st!!