Sunday, September 23, 2012

First full day of Fall.......

...this year is going FAR TOO FAST!!!

The trees are beginning to turn color, frost has killed off most flowers and the fog is thick in the mornings.

I have been busily canning. Tomatoes, peaches, pears, salsa, jam, mincemeat, relish and more! 

I desperately need ideas for Halloween! Last year the family was EPIC! I heard over and over again from people in town about the Cat in the Hat and Thing1 and Thing2!! They were MY CREATIONS :)This photo even made the Erica Ehm Yummy Mommy site!

HELP!! I need ideas on what to do to stay within the same realm!! Last year I knew, this year I have nothing....

Took the "little puppy" in for a vet check yesterday. Since I posted when we got him, I will give you the update...he is now 5 months old and 52lbs! He has changed, but he has stayed the same in all of the best ways.

Mr Bentley is learning that the house can be an ok place and some manners. He thinks anything furry and small is a personal toy so the guinea pigs moved upstairs to Izzy's room for their personal safety!

Finally, a small stocking took place on Etsy today. Look for small scrappy diapers today! This Turtle Friends one is stunning!

Find this and more at

The next stocking later this week will have Halloween diapers for all the little goblins.

Now I need to get back to canning and get the first of the Halloween diapers completed!

Happy Fall people!


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