Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting back into the studio

It has been some time since I have blogged and our Facebook page has even been unusually quiet the past couple of weeks. Simply put, I hit my limit and was to a point defeated (and I apologize).

Back to school brought relief, new ambitions and promises but also a very busy schedule as well.  Most of you know I worked my butt off on a new project for my daughters hot lunch program and it rolled out just this past week with great success.

I was not quite prepared for all of the activity and time I needed to settle my daughter in, get my little man settled into a new routine, the final tasks of a program upstart, maintaining a home (that threw more than a couple of big curve balls at me), getting our garden harvest preserved (did you know a zucchini can double in size overnight?), a personal family situation that was beyond emotionally devastating and on and on it goes all without my husband who was away at rehab for his injury the past 2 1/2 months. 

My little man is "busy" to say the least. He is a mostly typical 4 1/2 year old boy but he is also is 100% gogogo...literally I go to the bathroom and fear what I will return to. Today it was a chocolate cake mix he had in a bowl had added water and cracked an egg into. The water actually looked close to the 1c called for and with 2 more eggs added by me, he stirred it up and we baked it for his sister. He is so proud. He is so smart, too smart, and this makes him "busy". By time he fell asleep by 9ish, I too, was DONE! I simply have not had enough hours in the day to get to the studio and I feel horrible but it was what gave.

HOWEVER, my husband came home from rehab today!!!! He goes back to work a few hours a day for the next week then gradually adds in an hour or so. He has not worked for 15 months as of Thursday on his return. 

What does this mean, and why am I bothering to post it? Well it means that I will no longer have to deal with a flood over two stories and a crawlspace from the toilet line breaking alone, or do the yard work, or all of the baths, or stay up to holler at kids to get into bed for 2 hours, or, or, or...you get the drift. I will have HELP! I may get to have a shower of more than 45 seconds and without mortal fear. 


First up I have a few scrappy diapers that a few of you wanted. I will be getting to those as a first order of business this weekend (need a day or so to reunite as a family). I need to stock items...I tried a couple of times..but when I loaded my editing program on the new computer the updates changed the way I did things and I could no longer save them in a file type that Etsy would allow as an upload. I need to dig the old computer out and do some editing and should have some scrappy diapers up on Etsy within a week for you. Next sewing goal is some Halloween items. Some of these will be done as semi customs so watch the wall for posts and options along with pricing.

I just wanted to thank those that had stuck with the page. THANK YOU!!! I see the count has dropped dramatically but it is the ones (you) who are there that counts! Do you want the daily motivational / child engagement posts to continue (get going again)? Let me know what you would like to see from the page as we get into a now groove!


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