Friday, April 5, 2013

Supermom raising the white flag

With the best interest of you my customers, as well as myself, I am currently closed to custom orders (with the exception of those already in discussion). I always aim to get orders out as fast as I can and meet delivery times, and it is very important and a source of pride for me. I am not sure I can maintain that standard right now.

I have been having some "back issues". Sometimes my legs are numb, loose sensation and become very weak. I have fallen as a result of this. I finally discussed this with my GP and had an Xray today. It is very clear from the Xrays that I am in fact having a spinal issue of some sort even to my naked eye. Three vertebrae look to be involved. As a result, I am not going to put myself in a position of having to work through pain or risking aggravating symptoms.  I am awaiting the official read of this test and then will have more, likely a CT or MRI scan.

I CAN still sew. I WANT to be able to continue to for many years also as it does bring me joy. I just need to dial back commitments. Right now, I will go at it as I feel I can and need the freedom to not sew if I feel I can not. Until I have an actual diagnosis and know the risks of whatever IS going on, I want to protect my back. Protect my joy. Protect my mobility for myself and my family.

Right now, some days it takes me awhile to get out of bed, or if I am sitting I can not stand. Let's not even discuss getting onto the floor to play with the kids. I have kept going, like we all do, ignoring my own stuff to look after the needs of family and others. I feel I need to look after me for right now, because I am not quite sure I could be anyone's "patient" long term! Believe me, no one could handle me .

So, just an explanation of an adjustment that will be happening on the business front. Feel free to post "hey you need more boxers...or can you work on some girlie diapers your inventory is low". That I can handle, but cranking out a dozen in a week or two, not so much. Honestly, most of you should not notice much of a difference.

The Etsy store is stocked and purchases can be made as normal. This only affects custom orders.

I really hope this all turns out to be something that can be dealt with and that it does not impact me greatly. Unknown sucks. Pain sucks. Fear sucks.

I am sorry. I feel like I am giving in on one front and being selfish, but I know this is what I *should* do for today. Maybe it will change again in a week. I have always said knowledge is power. I feel powerless right now because I do not have the knowledge I NEED.

To all of you busy moms...take the time to look after you. See your doc if something is "off". Remember to nurture you.


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