Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Fun!

The final days of school are upon us and the call is the sun and warm weather is being heard loud and clear around our home, as I hope it is at yours!

BB Butts Diapers will be focusing on the Vanderhoof Farmer's Market for the summer months. We attended our first just yesterday and it was great to connect with local residents and customers. We will be there most (if not all, but you know how things can come up) Thursdays from 11 to 3. The market is held at Riverside Park. Stop in on your lunch break even....there is lunch available from some of the vendors.

We will continue to stock at Hidden Element every other week and there will be the occasional stocking at BB Butts on Hyena Cart. The main website will likely not have a big stocking until we are done the market season to decrease workload of constantly changing listings. If you are looking for something, please contact us as we literally have totes and totes of products ready to go.

Enjoy the calmer schedule that summer brings...we are looking forward to some of those lazier mornings where a cup of coffee can be enjoyed on the deck and everyone does not need to be dressed and out the door at 830!

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