Thursday, June 3, 2010

The past couple of months have been busy for BB Butts Diapers!

We did our "experiment" of having our items at The Country Cupboard on consignment. While it was some good exposure, both Nikki and I came across obstacles on the business and book keeping side that did not make it feasable in the end to continue keeping stock there. I thank Nikki and her staff for giving this a was our first brick and mortar relationship and despite it not continuing, I must say it was positive and the feedback on the products was good.

Local and offshore business has picked up lately and if you are not a member of our Facebook page, please go and join now! We run some sales and notify of promos on Facebook regularly as well as update the current goings on of BB Butts Diapers almost daily.

My congo on Hyena Cart, Hidden Element, has turned 1 as of June 1st. We have some fabulous promos going on there to celebrate, including a drawing for a $39 gift Certificate. Pop on over to to join in the party!

I am currently finishing up a couple of custom orders. I will be making a large batch of laundry detergent to be available starting Monday. I have ALOT of instock items right now. Most of it is currently NOT listed online so if you are local and are interested please give me a call so I can show you.

The weather is getting better and more time is being spent outside these days. Nothing like sitting on the deck looking down the river at a sunset :)

That does decrease the number of hours that I spend on the computer listing product sadly. My goal (is it a reasonable one though?) is to be COMPLETELY caught up one day....every item I dream of, constructed and fashioned, every item beautifully photographed and listed, my house to be impeccable, beautiful meals planned and executed daily, every desire of the kids to be met, and then my husband of course, look after him despite his wonky work....

I am a faulted woman, play in many aspects of life, but master few....but I can say I am happy, and that the important needs and goals are met.

Until we women are perfect, join me in dreaming of and attempting to attain the ellusive perfection of womanhood! :) In the meantime, enjoy the pleasures your life brings you!

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