Sunday, December 26, 2010



Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
I hope that you are all enjoying a little down time and savoring the joy and wonderment of the season with your families and especially the children.
Just when I thought I had it all figured out and would finally have a beautiful and fully stocked website for a first annual Boxing Week Sale.....trouble strikes!!

We had a crash of our main site on Christmas Eve...I know, Merry Christmas right?? yea... Ho HO HO.

The good news is....we now know the cause. The bad news, there is work to be redone.

I must start off by giving a HUGE public thank you to Jen of Blue Hollow Designs. I sent the email on Christmas Eve, honestly not figuring to hear until the 27th ish.

When I had a few quiet moments on Christmas Day, I logged into my email and found a group of emails from her identifying the problem, an initial restore, and some "bridging" of the gaps for customers.

That in itself was my best gift of the day!

So...the long and short is that the site is effectively down for the time being. I expect that once this holiday week is over we will get down and dirty and get at it to get the functionality and appearance restored. Then I will be able to reload all of the product items again. As I get each section completed I will open them up and make them available.

The good news is that is shouldn't take too long (more than a week or two) to get the products all listed as I had recently been working on the images for what was supposed to be the Boxing Week site wide Sale.

In the mean time, you can hop over to Hidden Element ( ) for some Boxing Week sale items.

There are many items on Facebook in our Nov and Dec Project Albums and many of those items may still be available so please email us if there is something that interests you.

If you are local...this is our last week at our storefront at the Co Op Mall. We will be open Tuesday (28) 10-4, Wednesday (29) 9-4 and Thursday and Friday will be pack up days. There will be some great specials on items so please stop in and take advantage of them!

We will continue to work from our home studio throughout the year and look forward to serving ALL our customers smoothly once again soon.

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