Sunday, June 10, 2012

Contest Time!

Even though we are closed for custom orders right now due to a very busy home life, there is still FUN to be had!

I am noticing our fan count is slowly decreasing and would like to turn that around. I need your help to bring quality (by that I mean customers potentially interested in our product lines) new fans to join our page ... and would like to reward you in doing so!

Let's do a referral promo! This is one where you can earn LOTS of store credit is really only limited by how many successful referrals you make!

For the remaining portion of the month of June, every NEW fan you bring to BB Butts Diapers Facebook page will earn you $1 BB Butt Buck. You invite the new friend ( we have an invite your friends app on the page to make it easy) and when they join they simply make a post on the page telling me who sent them. YOU need to make a comment to this post with your name (just once) so the contest is over here on the blog. Need to keep Facebook happy ;)

 I will tally the BB Butt Bucks and award them on July 1st (pal must still be a fan of the page). Easy Peasy as my 7 year old says!! I am going to cap the award at $50 BB Butts Bucks/ person. If you get more than 50 people though, I will enter you into a random draw for $25 more BB Butts Bucks for a total of $75 BB Butts Bucks! How sweet is that??!!??

On July 1st all of the new fans will be entered via to get  $25 BB Butts Bucks to get them started on their shopping!

Get those referrals happening and share a little BB Butts Love!


  1. If you are entering as a referrer please leave your name in the comments here!

  2. I am sending referrals over to you now;-)
    (Lisa Kuhl)
    (my e-mail:

  3. I asked my fans to pop over! Here's hoping they do! Erin Slocum

  4. sent :)
    Ashley Breuer!

  5. I'll be asking friends to hop over!
    Heather Mahan
    hmahan_0529@yahoo dot com

  6. Ashley Suzanne

    1. I am asking people to stop by and like also :]