Thursday, March 22, 2012


It has been a whirl wind couple of weeks around here!

We participated in the PGWAHM Tradeshow and had a wonderful time connecting with old and new customers alike!

We were fortunate enough to get a double booth and I really liked our set up and the ease and room that customers could enjoy!

The other benefit of a show such as this is learning about other WAHM businesses in the region. I enjoyed seeing the ladies I have met in previous years, meeting new ones and sharing new ideas and formulating plans for future networking.

That same weekend was so incredibly busy! My daughter was in her school production of Dear Edwina.

It was an ensemble cast of 60+ 6 to 12 year olds about a hilarious advice giving Judy Bloom type of character.

For months now, we have been listening to the CD, to Izzy's skill grow and going to practices up to six days a week. What an AMAZING result it was! I was floored at how professional this production turned out to be!

Much credit must go to our principal, Mrs Hart who managed, directed and taught this bunch of kids such amazing things that will carry with them throughout their lives.

The same weekend was also my little girl's birthday. She had been begging for a "pet of her very own" for months. It had wavered between a rabbit and guinea pig. The last month or so, she seemed to have given up completely switching to a violin as her desired gift. Deep down though, I knew in her heart she wanted to love a pet of her own.

While in the city my mom who came to help for the show and I checked out the pet shop. Low and behold we found this little creature.....An 8 week old little guinea pig.
We got all we needed to start her new home, as well as what was needed to survive the weekend without breaking into the "gifts".

This sweet little girl was taken to a hotel where we checked in and settled her best we could then ran off to set up for the trade show.

She spent the day at the show with us prior to travelling back to our hometown and was hidden at home until the next day for the birthday.

My daughter was overjoyed, so much so that she burst into tears of overwhelmed joy after holding "Twinkle" for a couple of minutes.

This is my baby. The day before she turned 7. Suddenly I see hints of what she will look like as a 16 year old. Oh my, where has the time gone?

Just as these past two weeks seem to have escaped me, so has the past years.

I am so proud of my Izzy girl. Happy Birthday sweetie. May the entire year bring you as much joy and growth as these past weeks have! <3

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