Saturday, March 3, 2012

2500 Giveaway and Auction Event!

We made it! After what seemed to be a period of being stagnant, we have reached 2500 fans!!

I am celebrating by having an auction and giveaway event. I am very pleased that so far. The sponsors are not the "typical" set, there are some real gems in this group! There is still room for new participants (just contact me) and this event will be open for two weeks, closing on March 18th.

Please be sure to check it out and share share SHARE!! :)

On other fronts:

I am sick .....almost man sick :( I am not at all a fan of this! I have no time to be plastered in my chair, taking some medication concoction, moaning and hacking with a stack of cloth wipes to take care of a nose in the nicest way possible...NO TIME!

What I SHOULD be doing is prepping for the PG WAHM Tradeshow! It is exactly one week away now! I have an order to complete for delivery there as well I had dreams of having THE MOST AMAZING inventory for it but between my back and being sick I am lagging behind my goals. I must say though, that what I am taking is pretty impressive all the same, just not quite OVER THE TOP if you know what I mean :)

It will come together though..I know it will..I just have to get better!

With the show in mind, please be aware that I will be turning the storefronts (both our main site and Hyenacart) off on Thursday. Friday is a travel/setup day, Saturday the show and Sunday another travel/unpack day. I hope to turn selected items back on beginning Monday.


Seems you either love or hate it. I am "liking" it LOL. I got new graphics (again) and took the plunge this morning. I do like some of the new features such as messaging and the fat that you can "pin" an item to the top so you do not have to continuously share an item. I do wish they would add back the "most recent" feature to run right below the pinned items..that would be AWESOME! What do you love or hate about it?

Blog posts:

I know I have to continue work of my fabricaholics series. I promise to do so after the tradeshow. I am getting to that overwhelmed stage and need to dial back a few things until I get past this next week.


Our teachers are taking strike action this week so everybody is home. I am going to reserve my comments on the the entire situation (both sides). There are many teachers I love as individuals (some read this) and all I can say is that my feelings do not change for those individuals and I will leave it at that. Do teachers strike in your area? Are they considered an essential service?

Now I am off to nap a little...again......

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