Sunday, July 17, 2011

Regrouping after closure.

As always (it seems) this blog is sorely neglected. I see it has been four months since my last post.

The time has been busy, and full of upheaval. This weekend marks the reopening of
BB Butts Diapers! Why a re~opening you ask?

Our children have given us much to worry about and taken considerably more time and emotional drain than normal. It all started in April, when on the last day of Spring Break my eldest became ill. He was admitted to hospital and ended up having emergency surgery the next morning and spent a week in hospital. His recovery was VERY bumpy with multiple complications and abscesses. It was his graduating year. Was. He missed so much school he will need another semester in September. It was emotionally heartbreaking.

Three weeks after my son initially became ill, my daughter became very ill in the beginning of May. I was away the first couple of days at a trade show and as soon as I returned (as in 15 minutes) she too was on her way to hospital. She spent a week in the same paeds room my son did just weeks earlier. She had a bowel obstruction and a serious double lung bacterial pneumonia. She did recover after a few weeks and got some "all clear tests" in early June.

Just a few days later she was ill once again but not presenting as sick. Once again a bowel obstruction developed along with a couple of other infections. She has gone through much testing and we have emotionally dealt everything from being told she needed had a genetic anomaly and needs a bowel resection and colostomy to a diagnosis my brother died from just three short years ago.

With all of the upheaval, travel for appointments, literally not knowing what city my day would end in and having a packed ready bag with me 24/7 for go on a medical airevac with her I closed the store in June temporarily.

The good news is that things have settled with the kids. It is not all over, not by a long shot and so far my daughter has not had that major surgery. The days are more sane and as a family we are less afraid and feeling more secure.

For the very first time, I am working on loading ALL of my inventory on the
BB Butts Diapers main website. I spent the bulk of this week doing so in an attempt to reopen this weekend as I had promised. We (yes we, because for me to spend 10 to 12 hours a day on the computer, it takes hubby's help too!), have partially achieved this goal! Most of our diapers are listed. All of the accessories are listed. We still have about 40 diapers to list (mostly mediums) and a full tote of wipes to go!! Then there is the home line that I have not had listed in a LONG time, so watch for there to be re usable kitchen cloth listed soon.

We are back at our local Farmer's Market on Thursday's (weather permitting). It is really lovely to be able to see and talk to our customers face to face.

Please check out our
Facebook page to keep up to date with specials, stockings and giveaway notices. I think we are going to start to host those giveaways here on the blog so keep an eye out.
Right now there is a referral contest to try to get our fan count back up over 2000! We had over 50 leave us while we dealt with our children's illnesses.

I will tell you there will be something big before the end of the month to celebrate my birthday ;)

I want to end this update and explanation of WHY we were closed with a HUGE THANK YOU for the love and support and posts of healing thoughts and prayers that so many of you sent. There were days that those messages meant more than you will ever know! THANK YOU

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