Sunday, February 27, 2011


Does it end? Will it ever end? These are the questions of late February and on into March in these parts. With a few feet of snow on the ground, a current windchill of -40 and a seemingly relentless snowfall...I am not sure it will and that Spring will ever arrive, despite what the calender says

Every so often we are rewarded with an amazing sunset. This was just a couple of nights ago from INSIDE my house with the back door know the cold and snow and all kept me in ;) The river is the white expanse in the fore ground.

We are busily getting ready for the PG WAHM Tradeshow. This promises to be a great event with over 70 home based businesses represented!!

I have seven totes STUFFED full of product
to take with me!!

Because of the tradeshow, packing up the store and my travel days I will be putting BB Butts Diapers online shop and BB Butts Diapers Hyena Cart on vacation mode by Tuesday. Hidden Element was "hidden" today as tomorrow is $HC Day and I will not be listing for it. Be sure to check out the other vendors though!

This is a wonderful event and opportunity to try out items using your $HC and save any explanations tot he hubby!

We are happy to announce that we have become an official Licensee of Fishsticks Designs and will now be offering BB Boxers made from a Fishsticks Designs pattern. Cute and available in even sizes 18 months through to big kid 14!

Aren't they adorable? I have a huge assortment of solid knits on their way home so that I can play with all of the awesome prints I already have here!

Watch for some custom slots to be available in March for these!

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